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What is Spadout?

Spadout monitors prices, reviews, and popularity of outdoor gear. Our comparison tools and information pages allow our twenty thousand daily readers to select the perfect product at the best price.

Spadout stands for Sport Adventure Outdoors (“Sp”ort “Ad”venture “Out”doors). Spadout is pronounced spad-out (the 'ad' is pronounced like 'add').

We understand that providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information guarantees your return to

Spadout Technology

Spadout is capable of indexing any store on the internet with no action from the retailer. Spadout does not use datafeeds or any client side technologies. Spadout has developed in-house bots and uses a server farm to index millions of prices per day.

Veta4, an in-house application, gives Spadout the competitive edge by predicting currently unlisted products and automatically adding them. We do not manually add any products or prices at Spadout.

Who is Spadout?

We are based in Bend, OR.

Mark Silliman - Founder / CEO

Mark programmed the first version of Spadout while sleeping in the front seat of his car on a 6-month climbing road trip. Prior to programming Spadout, Mark was a software developer for the Yucca Mountain Project.

Mark's other projects include Digital Waivers and KidCrawl.

Contact Spadout

Spadout Inc
233 SW Wilson Avenue, Suite #2
Bend,OR 97701


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Spadout Inc and its sponsors are not responsible for injury or death. is an open forum that is not constantly moderated. Information on this website may be misleading or incorrect which may lead to injury or death. You must use your own judgment to determine the accuracy of information. Please consult a certified guide if you are new to a sport. The information on this website is by no means a substitute of training from an experienced guide.

Spadout has the right to remove, modify or add content to any part of the website at any time. We also have the right to block any IP address or username. We monitor IP addresses on this website and if you choose to upload illegal or stolen material your IP address and username will be handed over to the appropriate authority.

If you find any material on this website that you believe is inappropriate please contact us. You can send an anonymous tip by not entering an email address.

Disclaimer regarding Pricing accuracy

We contentiously improve our services on Though we do extensive testing and verification we have millions of records. Therefore we can not guarantee the accuracy of every record.

Disclaimer regarding Used Product Sales

All sales are made between you and the buyer / seller. Spadout does not enforce sales. Spadout does not guarantee the quality or safety of gear purchased. Spadout cannot be held liable for incomplete sales or undelivered merchandise.

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