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Climbing Chalk

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Climbing chalk is used to increase friction between your hand and holds. Climbing chalk is probably the most over priced item in climbing. Blocks of chalk can be purchased for one dollar. Climbing companies will gladly charge you up to eight dollars a bag.

Chalk is normally held in a chalk bag.
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Chalk Balls
Most climbing gyms prefer (or require) you to use a chalk-ball as opposed to loose chalk. Chalk-balls are small bags filled with chalk. Chalk-balls reduce damage to climbing gyms air conditioning / heating units as well as reduce chalk spills.

Chalk Ethics
Colored chalk / no-chalk ethics are found in some areas. Since chalk does discolor the rock, using colored chalk that is designed to match the color of the rock you are climbing on is helpful. No-Chalk Ethic indicates that chalk should not be used in this area.

Chalk Bag
Climbing chalk is normally held in a chalk bag. Chalk bags cost approximately fifteen dollars, though you can make your own for a few bucks. Make sure your chalk bag opens and closes easily, but especially closes securely to prevent chalk spills. Also you want a string that goes around your waist so you can pull the chalk bag back and forth at will. This is considerably nicer than clipping the chalk bag to the back of your harness with a carabiner. Chalk bags are worn at waist level.
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