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Shimano XTR Levers
$59.99 - 131.48 (2%)
Weight: 166 g

Brake Summary
MTB brakes can be broken into two main groups:
Rim Brakes which include v-brakes and the older cantilever style brakes as well. These are by far the most popular MTB brakes because they are easy to maintain, they cost less than disk brakes, and they don’t require special overbuilt hubs.

Disc Brakes were first used (they were originally invented for motorcycles) for DH riders whose rim brakes were heating up their rims so much that it was popping the tube inside. As other riders started realizing their benefits they quickly gained popularity. They deal with mud and grime better than rim brakes, they don’t depend on the rim to be true to work properly, and the best disc brakes have much more stopping power than rim brakes.
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Shimano A01s Resin Pad & Spring
Blem: $12.99
New: $16.99
Shimano Acera Br-M422
$9.99 - 14.95 (5%)
Weight: 194 g
Shimano E01s Metal Pad & Spring
$15.98 - 21.99 (-3%)
Weight: 345 g
Shimano Sm-Rt98 Rotor
$47.99 - 69.99 (-7%)
Weight: 90 g
Shimano XT V Brake
$42.55 - 50.98 (22%)
Weight: 220 g
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