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Volkl Bridge

Radius (m)17.9
Waist (mm)95

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Volkl Bridge
4.8 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

Cred: 28184
Review by climbhigher on Oct. 31, 2007
If you only want to have to worry about buying one ski to ski powder or hit the park in these are good choices. They have the high quality material that Volkl has built a reputation on over the past few years. With the light weight wood core having these skis on your feet while you’re in the Air just feels natural. When you go straight lining a big line they won't give up on you either though.
Some park riders may find them a little wide in the shovel area depending on their take off style.
Another model to Look at is the K2 Fujative.

Cred: 17
Review by j.filippo1989 on Mar. 14, 2009
In two weeks, I was lucky and could try these in almost every conditions possible in the east coast. There was powder (snow storm almost :D), ice, groomed snow and hard packed, which is why its a bit tricky to buy one pair for all around here.

They won't let you down. This is my first Twin Tip, so I can't compare, but they feel great. Really light even if they're a bit wide. I wasn't sure how they would handle groomed conditions, since its under Big Mountain and powder. They were awesome! Even with ice, I was under control all the time. No disappointment at all. I'm loving them more everyday I use them. Sometime, I pity my brothers who can't follow when the snow isn't perfect. ;)

I didn't try them too much in the park though. I only did jumps, no tricks. I had lots of air and landed perfectly everytime, so thats a plus.
Not top notch on ice. Ice stays ice. If you want something good for that, I'll get you some skates. lol

It is the only thing I can think of.

Cred: 5
Review by nycskibum on Mar. 26, 2011
like they all say, the "bridge" "bridges" the gap between the park and everything else the mountain throws at you. they are a bit wide to be a true park ski, but just right for everything else (save for DEEP powder days)
they rip groomers, are super stable on ice (yes, my home mountain is whiteface...or i know) are quite floaty in powder, and make for super stable landings in the park.

plus the topsheet is pretty cool
the tails tend to hook when riding switch, and they dont have a very balanced swing weight (but hey, they are nowhere near perfectly symmetrical so that is fully understandable)
Line Prophet 90, moment tahoe, Atomic Snoop daddy, Armada Arv

Cred: 5
Review by johnnyboy0 on May. 16, 2011
I live in NE so the weather here sucks a lot. The ski conditions are generally quite icy and hard pack but every so often a fresh layer of powder gets laid down in a snow storm. This ski is amazing at everything I put it on, granted I was a bit rough with it but it held up beautifully. These are my first twins and they are like feathers on my feet compared to my ol' volant machetes. Decent for carving but don't expect to get extremely fast. Even on ice they held up pretty well but I have yet to test them on a trail completely slicked over in ice.
So good on your feet that you may feel like even covered roots and rocks don't stand a chance...
I like these.
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