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Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest

Weight397 g
Thickness15.9 mm
Women SpecificNo

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Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest
4.2 out of 5 based on 30 user reviews.

Cred: 1088
Review by dvalente on Mar. 27, 2011
This is the classic sleeping pad, everyone who considers themselves a backpacker should have one somewhere. It's light, extremely durable, and easy as can be to use -- you just unroll it! Reasonably comfortable, considering it's just 1/2" foam.
Poor R value, this won't keep you warm when the temps dip down. But I've used it down below freezing for many nights with just a 20 degree bag and survived to tell about it.
It packs large too, but because it's not absorbent and relatively abrasion resistant, you can just strap it on the outside of your pack.
The new ridgerest with the vapor deposited aluminum coating on it will replace this in my closet when it dies because it has a higher R value without added weight. Well, this probably won't ever die, so when I decide it's Time to add a 5'th sleeping pad to the collection.

Cred: 550
Review by tdpitts on Jul. 19, 2011
Decent pads, good price. I have an original (black) 3/4 length Ridge Rest that is about 15-20 years old & still useful. I also have a full length Ridge Rest Deluxe (purple & green) that is great for car camping, but doesn't roll very small. I also have a 3/4 length Ridge Rest (beige & green, current model) that I use for most backpacking trips. I roll it inside my frameless pack & fill in the "tube" with my stuff. It makes a nice frame.
Thin and not very insulating.

Cred: 2126
Review by anthonymancuso on Sep. 19, 2013
I've got the 3/4 length for the summertime just to keep off the twigs and leaves. So light I don't even consider it when figuring out my pack weight. I've seen these used to help pad uncomfy packs, and as splints in an emergency. A tool of man uses.
A friend has had his lose the powder aluminium coating after some use, but mine is holding up ok after a year.

Cred: 285
Review by Chad Da Fine on Aug. 05, 2009
Light and has nice egg foam shap so it feels like a thicker pad than it is.
Its a foam mat so its not the most comfortable in the world but its around $25 and half the price of a self inflating.
Get a self inflating if you don't mind carrying the tiny bit extra of weight and the price.

Cred: 360
Review by iwish on Oct. 11, 2011
Light, cheap, super durable. It can be folded up and used as a seat by the fire. It is also more flexible than an air up and can be used in spots that it doesn't quite fit, like the back of a jeep.
Not the warmest, don't try and sleep on your side with it if you have bony hips.

Cred: 704
Review by tmoejames on May. 18, 2008
i have the ridge rest deluxe which is warmer and has a higher comfort rating.. but nearly the same thing.. great closed cell sleeping pad

Cred: 722
Review by elleasinswell on Jul. 04, 2009
Basic, well-made, pretty comfortable, two different colored sizes make keeping clean easy.
Takes a beating sometimes on the outside of my pack.

Cred: 9
Review by nddeakin on Mar. 15, 2011
This is a solid sleeping pad for the backpacker or camper who has a tight budget and need something to keep them off the ground. The Ridge Rest, although not too thick, provides adequate protection and padding from the ground. It is also great to use in a hammok. I can keep you much warmer on cold windy nights.
The fact that it is a foam pad means that it cannot compact very small...It's pretty big

Cred: 3607
Review by Sapdawg1 on Aug. 18, 2011
I have an original black Ridge Rest... probably 20 years old now. I've probably spent 100 nights on it. Light, cheap, foolproof, what else do you need.

Cred: 98
Review by fb_1126530105 on Mar. 05, 2008
i have the short size of the ridgerest. it's great overall. my feet can get a little cold in the winter but that's to be expected. i traded my prolite 3 in for it and haven't wanted to go back

Cred: 5
Review by kentp83 on Aug. 22, 2008
Foam is the way to go, don't have to worry about a leak or rip, (cut it and it disappears magically). I've had the same Ridge Rest for 8 years. The thing is like skill, it only gets better with time. Talk about light-weight without the nasty price-tag, not to mention it's waterproof for those ground moisture-ladden nights under the stars. It insulates way better than an air-filled mattress. It makes a great yoga mat for that up&out serenity. Makes a nice wind-break for cooking. Oh yeah, it feels great on the back, get one.
I suppose if you're a side-sleeper you might want more padding... or you could dig/find a little hip-socket in the ground.
get your pet spayed or neutered

Cred: 5
Review by agirquaz on Jan. 28, 2008
I love my ridgerest! People have tried to convince me to get more modern and get a thermarest, but I love the fact that I don't ever have to worry about patching mine or the valve breaking. It's light and does the job well. It's much cheaper than most alternatives.
It is bulky, so while it fits just fine rolled up and tied onto the outside of a pack, it's hard to pack for a canoeing or kayaking trip

Cred: 8
Review by wvjade on Feb. 19, 2011
very lightweight and comfy-I would definitely recommend for hiking trips.
need tie straps included with purchase

Cred: 18
Review by hikernks on May. 13, 2011
Love it, great pad, very lightweight. I use it as a make-shift "frame" for my goLite pack, and it works fairly well.
Padding is on the light side if you are a side-sleeper like me.

Cred: 30
Review by ericaw on May. 31, 2011
Light-weight, easy to bring back-packing and on daily excursions.
Somewhat uncomfortable if sleeping on hard ground. Not very insulating for winter camping or at cold temperatures.

Cred: 815
Review by climbandkayak on May. 11, 2008
Extremely light. Great for the cold.
Stays "curled". Bulky when strapped to outside of pack.

Cred: 862
Review by 15dbarber on Apr. 19, 2012
best in the winter
not very warm by its self
Big Agnes inasulated air core

Cred: 65
Review by Leatherman on Jul. 25, 2008
Super light and comfy.
Not as comfortable as they can get.

Cred: 303
Review by wadechristian on May. 03, 2011
Lightweight,comfy, awesome.
not extreme with padding, still comfy though.
go with this pad!

Cred: 614
Review by octennis on Aug. 21, 2008
Light, good padding, cheap
big, hard to pack

Cred: 9
Review by kalanieldon on Mar. 15, 2011
Great pad for the price!
Also useful for "urban camping" in airports and bus stations!

Cred: 11
Review by arooney1 on Apr. 29, 2011
BULKY! (as someone already said) i was better off sleeping without it.

Cred: 16
Review by fb_168301493 on Apr. 14, 2008
Great sleeping pad.

Cred: 36
Review by fb_564910901 on Jul. 08, 2008
Nice isolation with low weight

Cred: 11
Review by bkmccoy on Mar. 15, 2011
this is great...

Cred: 23
Review by bamf5 on Jan. 23, 2008
it works

Cred: 4
Review by Chalk Bag on Jul. 01, 2008
good price and durable

Cred: 77
Review by fb_611087715 on May. 29, 2008

Cred: 169
Review by skillet on Sep. 03, 2008
not comfy

Cred: 0
Review by clockwork on Oct. 15, 2008
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Ridge Rest

$11.96 - 34.95
15.9 mm397 g2.6No
Z Lite Sol

19.1 mm
283 g
Ridgerest Solar

19.1 mm
539 g
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