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Petzl Nomic

Weight567 g

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Petzl Nomic
4.6 out of 5 based on 11 user reviews.

Cred: 1451
Review by Keese on Oct. 28, 2007
The Nomic is the most expensive tool on the market, but for a reason. The Nomic's swing is excellent. Three possible grip positions make it usable on all levels of ice, but it swings like no other on hard vertical ice. Smaller than it looks the Nomic is the true weapon of the hard ice climber.
The Nomic is the split between the ice climber and the Alpinist. The complete lack of a shaft spike or hammer show the designer's intentions with this tool. The Nomic is perfect on hard ice, but choose another tool if you plan on pounding pitons, or dealing with snow. The Nomic is also a hundred dollars more expensive, per tool, than the Black Diamond Reactor.
Black Diamond Reactor, DMM Anarchist, Grivel X-Monster,

Cred: 1096
Review by jeepnphreak on Nov. 24, 2010
The nomic Swings nice, the head weights make each swing stick with very little effort. I have not used it for dry tooling but for WI 5-6 it it a sweet tool to have (I cant climb harder as of now). I have the old version, I hear that the new nomics have a hammer and adz option
"update:" the old style nomics have 5 deep grooves that holds the lower pommel aka grip rest that is solidly built ( plastic on aluminum). BUT the NEW nomics and ergo have 3 shallow grooves to hold the lower grip rest in place, plus the lower adjustable piece has a steel pin that rubs against the aluminum handle that strips out the teeth fast; quickly as 12 pitches. Petzl is aware of this problem but there is not a redesign of the tool just yet. so until then go with the older model nomic. here is a link asw well
Cassin x-ice is a sweet tool as well and it has hammer and adz option. The handles are interchangeable too with the other cassin tools.
The BD Cobra it great too, I really love the feel of the carbon fiber.

Cred: 315
Review by SARS250 on Feb. 20, 2009
Best mixed tools on the market. I tried these the fusions and the reactors before making a leashless tool purchase. Nomic stood out by far. The astro pick is darn near indestructible if you arn't putting any strange directional forces on it, the grip positions are perfect for dry-tooling and pick shift is almost non-existant. Made a better mixed climber out of me instantly.
Expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for with these.
Anything you try and like more, but you will probably end up with the nomics

Cred: 21
Review by fb_79302166 on Feb. 19, 2008
The Nomic's swing is completely unparalleled. The weights on the pick are nice and improve efficiency, but can also be removed. The only grip I like as much as the Nomics grip is the BD Fusion.
The adjustable heel on the handle can dig into your palm a bit.
BD Fusion.

Cred: 514
Review by brettbrown on Aug. 22, 2009
I love these tools. Shallow sticks seem to go deeper when weighted instead of leveraging out.
Grip might be too small for large hands with heavy gloves.

Cred: 18
Review by drone on Jun. 06, 2012
Awesome tool for ice! Swings great and can't be beat for hooking and sticking on ice features. Also works great as a mixed tool.
The tool doesn't work as well when swinging into 'bulletproof' ice we find in the cold temps we can find in the Lake Superior region. Also could use a hammer head.

Cred: 9
Review by Biggywalls on Apr. 03, 2013
Great swing and stick, less ice fractures!
Hard to clean, must file pick, refer to google
Fix pick, everyone complains

Cred: 229
Review by Jeremiah on Feb. 03, 2008
well balanced, light, good clearence
upper grips not pre-taped, no spike to ease mantelling

Cred: 8
Review by fb_538740499 on Feb. 18, 2008
like a sexy pair of panties to a girl.

Cred: 67
Review by Playrugby88 on Oct. 21, 2008
Amazing ice tool

Cred: 46
Review by fb_866120310 on Apr. 04, 2008
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