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Petzl Myo XP

Weight6 oz
Includes HalogenNo

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Petzl Myo XP
4.6 out of 5 based on 20 user reviews.

Cred: 12137
Review by Troy on Oct. 24, 2007
My favorite headlamp. Very bright, very long life (you can tell the battery regulator works because it doesn't just peter out like a normal LED), the extra lens really helps spread out the beam. Both modes give a nice even light spread without the concentric circles that a typical bulb puts out. I've hit up single track MTB trails in the dark with nothing but this light. Also does real well for caving.
Like all LEDs doesn't have a huge range and the beam scatters quickly.
If you want something with more range the Myo 5 does a good job with its 5 LEDs plus Xenon bulb.

Cred: 4460
Review by jonnymtman on Mar. 12, 2009
long life, doesn't turn on in bag, light, and bright
Spot it not bright enough to see next belay or partner. Band doesn't sit even but pulls to side. Pulses with power indicator making it insane to read with. Trying to sell it to a buddy who will only be using it as insurance for their day hikes
Myo Lite 3

Cred: 264
Review by MontanaMike on Jan. 21, 2011
Impressive headlamp, Petzl quality. Great battery life and even brightness throughout with the regulator. Diffuser lens is great at both widening the beam and protecting the lamp itself.
It's a bit heavy and tends to slide down, but that is to be expected with any battery pack lamp. Not too sure of the importance of the boost feature
Check out the Mammut Lucido Tx1.

Cred: 9
Review by ruda8 on Dec. 16, 2009
The light quality its great when you need it the most, climbing in the dark and anything else where you would need more lumes than usual AAA headlamps
I've returned this headlamp 3 times within the past 4 years....There is flaws in the eternal wire construction. If this gets snagged by accident your out of luck and i sucks when it happens out in the field. I keep on replacing it an coming back to it for its performance... just don't count on it lasting years

Cred: 831
Review by stevencook on Jan. 20, 2008
good adjustable light source
the wire in my older one began gerat but later had a bad connection killing my light but petzl sent a brand new one to me

Cred: 16
Review by Debzrock on Jul. 06, 2008
50m Booster, Battery Indicator, Long Battery Life, 150 Lumens & defuser.
Buttons are difficult to use with gloves.

Cred: 5
Review by gifffoley on Dec. 16, 2009
I am writing this review after only using it for two weekends, but I an impressed by the light. The adjustable beam settings are great. It also has a great feature that prevents the light from mistakenly being turned on. Very lightweight - all around quality construction - fits very well on my snug and bald head.
The feature that prevents it from being turned on easily makes it a little bit more difficult to quickly have light. Also, it does not come with a red light to maintain night vision and I have not looked into an alternative that would fit over the lens.

Cred: 23
Review by kayakmak on Sep. 08, 2011
great lamp,user-friendly,outlasted others Ive used.Hiking,kayaking and biking at night are my faves n THIS is a necessary piece o gear
none found

Cred: 3
Review by asarun on Dec. 28, 2009
Uber bright, difffuser and spot beam ablity, I use it night search and rescue training and searches - held up well on a cold(18 degree F night.
Watch the wires - I staytied mine in two additional places to prevent nagging an ripping out the contacts.

Cred: 663
Review by Fushyuguru on Nov. 10, 2008
Super Bright, Battery Life, Price/Performance, Top Strap Not Needed

Cred: 5
Review by llengland on Aug. 02, 2011
I've used a lot of different headlamps over the years, this is by far my favorite. Long battery life and decent beam.
Minor wiring problems, but nothing that would keep me from buying this lamp.

Cred: 476
Review by fb_722631787 on Feb. 06, 2008
Very bright 3watt bulb. Has a dispersing cover that makes it a flood light.

Cred: 9
Review by reelimingary on Mar. 21, 2011
I like it cause the battery last long I use mine while Bike riding at night great light

Cred: 83
Review by fb_5800777 on Jan. 20, 2008
Very bright, diffuser lens, battery life
myo EP w/ battery pack beltpack

Cred: 64
Review by fb_54603090 on Apr. 30, 2008
Absolutely a killer and bomber headlamp!!!!!

Cred: 6
Review by booster III on Jun. 03, 2008
La mejor frontal q existe!!!

Cred: 4
Review by Sapta Ananda on Jan. 05, 2009
Hemat Batere
Fokus dan Terang Cahaya bisa Diatur

Cred: 46
Review by fb_866120310 on Apr. 04, 2008
great of alpine and route finding

Cred: 67
Review by Playrugby88 on Oct. 21, 2008
real bright

Cred: 6
Review by fb_562035226 on Jan. 18, 2008
works awesome
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