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Petzl Gri Gri 2

Weight185 g
Max Diameter (mm)11

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Petzl Gri Gri 2
4.3 out of 5 based on 16 user reviews.

Cred: 629
Review by AMGAwolf on Aug. 09, 2011
This is a good device.
BUT watch out a Whole load of these WERE RECALLED. Mine was one and took almost a month to complete the proceedure. All I got out of the recall and not having my grigri2 was a Petzl decal

Cred: 128
Review by orwellsanimal on Mar. 01, 2011
Gri-Gri 2 is lighter than original, accommodates thinner rope than older model (8.9-11mm).
Requires finesse to prevent unintended engaging of cam. Modified belay technique helpful for lead belay (hold cam with brake hand to give quick dump), technique discussed on website.

Cred: 218
Review by NorCalNomad on Mar. 01, 2013
Assisted locking, lighter than grigri 1 super handy for aid, can self belay, all single rope diameters compatible.
Expensive, single rope only, doesn't feed 10.2mm+ ropes as well as the first one.
Never used a cinch but heard its just as handy

Cred: 345
Review by Benzesp on Dec. 15, 2014
Great, lighter than the original and less bulky. Makes my wife feel a lot better about belaying me on hard pitches where I am likley to take a fall and therefore I climb harder.
I think the Trango Cinch pays out rope easier on lead. I'm not having issues with it it's just a bit better with the Cinch
Trango Cinch

Cred: 844
Review by genghis on Aug. 12, 2012
Good device with nice assisted breaking feature.
Snags rope bad if trying to feed out for an easy section or to give slack for clipping. Heavy.
ATC-XP or Guide.

Cred: 17
Review by atvalleroy on Aug. 12, 2011
Lighter and more rope options.
None if used to using grigri
This is a definite step up from the original.

Cred: 5
Review by mashphrd on Mar. 19, 2011
This is a great encore from Petzl to the original Gri Gri. If you're familiar with the original you'll feel right at home, only more like sitting in a new comfier chair.
Lead belaying with thicker diameter ropes takes a little practice, and catching falls with smaller diamter ropes slip a bit. You have to pay attention, but then again you should be doing that already.
Trango Cinch

Cred: 5
Review by mdelletson on Apr. 06, 2011
smaller and lighter then previous generation. Also, able to use smaller and bigger diameter ropes. Lead belay is super smooth
many people belay incorrectly with this belay device. People think it is 100% safe

Cred: 5
Review by iamtacos on May. 06, 2011
Light weight. Just as smooth and easy to operate as the original. I love my baby gri gri!
None so far - waiting to see how well it holds up to abuse. Not as intuitive as a tube-style belay device, but nothing new to those used to assisted braking devices.

Cred: 49
Review by chico69 on Mar. 19, 2011
Best atm
if dont know how to use it please dont use it

Cred: 5
Review by brasilly10 on Feb. 08, 2012
Light weight, easy to use, allows the belayer to relax more than when using an ATC
some may find it tricky to use at first but once you get it, it's great

Cred: 25
Review by Interrogate on Aug. 16, 2014
Best overall lead climbing belay device.
None if you know what your doing
Trango Cinch

Cred: 3
Review by jakebe on Feb. 27, 2011
Just as useful and lighter than it's older version!

Cred: 3
Review by pierccat on Mar. 15, 2011
Super light
Takes a little more practice so you don't short-rope the climber

Cred: 54
Review by blegare on Jan. 24, 2012
easy to use and dependable

Cred: 3
Review by austin1616 on Mar. 08, 2012
Very light, small, simple
Trango Cinch
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Maximum Diameter (mm)Weight
Gri Gri 2

$91.94 - 99.99
11185 g
Grigri Belay Device

185 g

170 g
Gri Gri

225 g
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