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Omega Pacific Locking D

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Weight74 g
Gate Opening (mm)20
Major Axis (kN)31

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Omega Pacific Locking D
4 out of 5 based on 17 user reviews.

Cred: 2643
Review by ndonaldj on Mar. 27, 2012
Strong, cheap, workhorse. Great for rigging in caves, canyons.
Not a very good belay biner, I'm a bit shocked that so many people here have reviewed it as a belay biner though. This is the only biner I have ever had that has became a problem when mud got in the gate mechanism.

Cred: 1737
Review by barubin on Oct. 27, 2007
One word: SEXY. I bought this biner in black, and I thought the color was a little corny. Little did I know that black biners are "what's hot" in erection-giving-climbing-technology. Heck, why stop at climbing. Use this biner to hold your keys to your belt loop and all the sweet honeys and ladies from the neighborhood will be all-up-ons. And then, you notice what it's rated: 31 kN! You could take all your honeys climbing and only need one biner (but that's not safe). So buy 2. Basically, this is Axe or Tag or Old Spice body Spray in locking-carabiner, more practical application form.
The black coating eventually comes off, via scraping, rubbing, loving, etc. However, mojo is not lost.
Don't go climbing if this biner isn't in your rack. However, the Black Diamond Quicksilver Screwgate is more reasonable priced with less sex appeal, but it's a sufficient alternative.

Cred: 128
Review by orwellsanimal on Mar. 01, 2011
Grooves in the top/bottom bite into rope/ATC with sureness.
using more traditional (Camp Shell) belay device can be fatiguing when lead belaying because of how soundly it bites during take.

Lock on gate becoming difficult to screw as carabiner wears.

Cred: 315
Review by scottdotnearing on May. 16, 2011
feels nice, works flawlessly for me. I have a pair and use them on my Metolius Personal Anchor System PAS. One one the end and one in the middle. low weight at a good price
none for my use, sport climbing
I'm going to buy another pair.

Cred: 4460
Review by jonnymtman on Mar. 10, 2009
Cheap and strong
Large nose is sometime difficult to work with. Shape causes problems if used with BD guide in self locking.

Cred: 2509
Review by livextreme41 on Jul. 06, 2009
decent weight and super strong. Great biner for all purposes besides belaying.
small gate opening and the shape is sometimes awkward.

Cred: 881
Review by evanwish on Mar. 30, 2010
I've got four of these that i bought many years ago for burly top roping anchors. They are inexpensive, strong and burly.

Cred: 1364
Review by zephyr7863 on Feb. 19, 2011
really strong biner and the screwlock screws smoothly. reliable but cheap
definitely on the heaveir side and the opening could be bigger

Cred: 1321
Review by MikePB on Feb. 27, 2011
Great for anchors. Inexpensive, so if yo have to leave one behind it wont break the bank. A great general biner.
Heavy. Small gate opening makes rope clipping a bit difficult.

Cred: 77
Review by fb_611087715 on May. 30, 2008
Inexpensive and works great.
Lock can be stiff and a bit too big.

Cred: 102
Review by Delta V on Sep. 25, 2008
Good biner for misc. use

Cred: 15
Review by korbin on Sep. 07, 2011
I put a lot of trust in these biners
none in its class

Cred: 35
Review by fb_500632662 on Jan. 19, 2008
ridiculously strong

Cred: 12
Review by fb_11322771 on Jan. 20, 2008
Basically good.

Cred: 147
Review by fb_829070088 on Feb. 06, 2008

Cred: 22
Review by fb_717530056 on Feb. 14, 2008

Cred: 99
Review by protohyp designs on Oct. 02, 2008
positive lock
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