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MSR Whisperlite Internationale

Weight11 oz
Boil Time (min)3.5

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MSR Whisperlite Internationale
4.1 out of 5 based on 45 user reviews.

Cred: 803
Review by ERock612 on Feb. 24, 2011
This thing is a workhorse - runs on the widest variety of fuels, and bloody reliable, I've had mine for 13 years. It's serviceable in field IF it's needed, and the shaker jet makes it super easy to clean.
I've lit mine from -20 to 80F without fail, banged it across the country in packs, cars, planes without issue.
It doesn't simmer, so it requires attention while cooking more advanced items, but for boiling water and fast cooking, it's tough to beat.
I have broken one pump throughout the years, but what is arguably the only weak point of this stove is still serviceable and not an expensive replacement to warrant buying a spare for when it really counts.
This thing is pretty loud if that sort of thing bothers you.

Cred: 1451
Review by Keese on Dec. 19, 2007
When you are lost in Greece this guy can handle whatever comes out of a gas station. This reviewer never really believed the "international" was anything more than a cool name, but on taking this stove abroad and off the beaten path the ability to handle gas really makes this guy worthwhile. Try tracking down canister stoves when you hitchhike into a two store village. Also everyone and their brother has one of these so getting spare parts is usually pretty easy if you are out on a popular Backcountry trail.
My pump leaks when it gets too full. No idea why, I found another one in a hut though so now im happy. And ya this guy is heavy, but what do you want from it? Not your choice for lite hiking or speed assaults. But if you want reliability, and a tough stove. This is it.
Never wanted to try anything else.

Cred: 12137
Review by Troy on Oct. 24, 2007
Have used this stove since I pretty much got into backpacking... which is a longer time then I'd like to admit. It can burn anything you would ever really want to burn (who wants to cook with diesel?) and its big burner head distributes heat real well.
Its heavy as sin, and for about 99% of most people's backpacking needs a compressed gas stove would be better. They're lighter, cheaper, don't need to be pumped and have less moving parts.

Cred: 353
Review by dave fluke on Nov. 04, 2007
tough;its like an ak-47, you can drag it thourgh the mud and run it over with a tank and pick it up out of the mud and it'll of the most soild stoves on the market-will last a life time
the hose running from the pump to the stove is a little short and a little stiff;making it a little hard to set right with the bottle attached; priming fire can get a little large
MSR wind-pro or MSR simmer lite;around the same price range

Cred: 3607
Review by Sapdawg1 on Aug. 13, 2011
My first stove. I cannot image how many meals I have cooked on it. Simple to use, field repairable, lightweight.
Two temperature ratings... blazing and off. Very little adjustment in-between. This is the only knock against this stove.

Cred: 18
Review by Niles on Dec. 05, 2011
This stove has literally saved my life. It never fails me. I have got 1 of these stoves that is over 20 years old and it still runs like new. It boils water incredibly fast and is very lightweight. Overall one of my mose favorite stoves. You also dont end up with those half empty isobutane cannisters sitting around because you can just refill the fuel bottle.
This thing is tricky to light. It is certainly a learning experience when you light one of these and it is not for the faint of heart. It is also a good way to singe some hair off your body. Also it is not hangable and when you are in snow, you neeed a base to cook on.
MSR Simmer, MSR Dragonfly

Cred: 20
Review by mikeadmin on Oct. 23, 2007
Excellent, efficient stove, that is relatively lightweight and easy to use. I have been using it for 8 years now and it has worked great. One of the most reliable stoves I have seen so far.
Takes a little bit of time to learn how to light (lighting fuel in pan, heating it up until its hot enough to burn the fuel instantly). Also, to get a consistent flame, you have to pump it occasionally.

Cred: 312
Review by alexhileman on Mar. 15, 2011
Great, time proven stove. Very easy to use and work on if you spend some time with it.
I personally find whisperlites to always be a bit finicky. Maybe this has just been my bad luck, but I personally prefer canister stoves at this point.
MSR Pocket Rocket

Cred: 323
Review by qajaqer on Apr. 06, 2011
Cooks hot and cooks fast. It will burn just about anything that you put in the tank. I've used gasoline on a few trips. Can be fixed and cleaned in the field with just a multi-tool. The best part is that you don't have to buy those expensive fuel cans anymore.
Can be a tough start in cold weather. The hose is a bit tricky to deal with too on uneven terrain and you need to ride this thing like a spirited horse. Keep some good pressure in it or you may end up hating life.

Cred: 4460
Review by jonnymtman on Mar. 10, 2009
Cant go wrong with this stove in most situations. Cleans itself, folds small and burns anything
can't hang and needs base (shovel blade) to work on snow

Cred: 21
Review by sixoverpar on Jun. 26, 2011
Deployed in countries that do not have a whole lot of fuel standards, this guy can handle a wide range of things that burn. It makes a hot meal whenever you want at your fingertips
It is a little on the heavier side, however when Irene hit the eastern seaboard we had a full meal instead of cold cuts. My wife and I got funny looks at the apartment , but when people saw what we were cooking, they wanted to borrow it.

Cred: 23
Review by Jakefetterman on Jul. 07, 2011
This is an excellent stove for everything. I have used it since I was six years old, i have now switched to a svea stove. It can literally use any fuel though white gas is the best. and it packs so small, which is so nice.
If you don't get the timing right you will get a large flame from the stove when trying to start it. no simmer.
Svea stove

Cred: 15
Review by boogs785 on Aug. 10, 2011
The MSR Whisperlite Internaitonale is a great little stove> I really like the fact that the stove can run off of any kind of fuel you throw into the bottle. It also folds up to a decently small size to hike with.
The stove is a little hard to light it takes some getting used too so practice before you go out and use the stove in the woods.

Cred: 951
Review by Bassnick on Sep. 01, 2011
As with all MSR products, this stove is super light and outstanding. It gets really hot and doesn't use a ton of fuel.
Its a touch bulky, light but odd shaped in your pack

Cred: 330
Review by fb_668443182 on Feb. 17, 2008
works every time, any where, any temp. Had this stove for almost 10 years + and only cleaned it once (cause I wanted to) and still works perfect

Cred: 11
Review by fb_697249383 on May. 15, 2008
HOLY SMOKES! If you want to continue to have eyebrows take a step back and wear eye protection. Otherwise, really outstanding.

Cred: 360
Review by iwish on Oct. 11, 2011
Bombproof and super light. Packs very small.
More expensive than some others, but you get what you pay for.

Cred: 18
Review by fb_719752773 on Mar. 31, 2008
Great Stove. Had and used for 20 years. Never has failed in the field that a quick cleaning could not fix.
little temp. control

Cred: 274
Review by lumineferusother on Jun. 25, 2008
One of the greatest stoves ever designed. Better used for long duration trips or trips overseas or in areas where canisters may be hard to come by.

Cred: 8
Review by pauisnow on Sep. 01, 2011
Works great even in the worst of conditions. Have been using mine for a few years and no problems yet.
None as of yet.

Cred: 12
Review by davebks on Sep. 06, 2011
light, haven't had one fail, boils fast, cleans easy
you can't really adjust the heat level very well
dont get a primus! they are loud and dont work well.

Cred: 5
Review by lvandusen on Mar. 26, 2011
The fact that this stove runs on gas is super handy. I especially love it for sub-zero winter camping in Wyoming. Never once had a time when it wouldn't light. Like others have said this stove will take a beating and continue to work time and time again. Personally I'll never use another stove.
The temperature control is not ideal but it just takes some getting used to.

Cred: 40569
Review by marks on Oct. 19, 2007
Very reliable stove. I have had this for seven years. Never clogged once.
You need to pump.

Cred: 418
Review by snowman on Apr. 23, 2008
good stove if you want to boil water fast and burn your food
No simmer!

Cred: 614
Review by octennis on Aug. 21, 2008
Uses any type of fuel you can find.
Must be primed before using

Cred: 289
Review by fb_29707558 on Jan. 21, 2008
Best stove out there... and it will simmer you just gotta know the trick.

Cred: 147
Review by fb_829070088 on Feb. 06, 2008
Small light and if needed I can barrow some jet fuel and make my dinner

Cred: 98
Review by fb_1126530105 on Feb. 20, 2008
boils very quickly, burns pretty much anything, starts everytime

Cred: 68
Review by fb_565749594 on May. 12, 2008
trustworthy, great stove.
heavy, pain to set up
MSR Dragon Fly

Cred: 3
Review by michalp on Jul. 10, 2011
relatively light for a fuel stove
broke 2 pomps (they are made of plastic), no lifetime warranty so had to but new one every time. Man, they can't make a pomp handle that lasts!?
Optimus Multifuel

Cred: 5
Review by kc8vqf on Aug. 31, 2011
Great stove, I like the fact that it will run on darn near anything. Always lights and is fully serviceable
Wish you could turn it down a bit.

Cred: 2
Review by thecamochef on Aug. 31, 2011
sepparate fuel bottle
Coleman peak 1 it multi fuel and you don't have to deal with a fuel bottle ive had xgk and whisperlight still go back to the peak one over priced and over hyped save your self $100 and by a Coleman

Cred: 22
Review by Spurvs on Aug. 03, 2008
-small and ver light weight
- Boil water super fast
-can't adjust the them.
MSR Dragenfly

Cred: 53
Review by fb_5814846 on Jan. 21, 2008
leaky fuel bottles...rotting o rings

Cred: 59
Review by fb_21416701 on Feb. 12, 2008
pretty efficient
Have to prime the stove first

Cred: 23
Review by Bijan Kimiagar on Apr. 01, 2008
windresistent, multifuel
hard to simmer

Cred: 22
Review by Anstey on Apr. 03, 2008
Easy to fix in field!!
To hot to simmer!!!

Cred: 29
Review by Ryan Moody on Apr. 10, 2008
boils anything in minutes
Hard to simmer

Cred: 38
Review by fb_590200209 on May. 03, 2008
Solid. The Classic.

Cred: 68
Review by Grivel G12 on Aug. 08, 2008
Gets the job done in cold conditions

Cred: 49
Review by chico69 on Mar. 19, 2011
easy to use

Cred: 2
Review by TBO80 on Nov. 22, 2011
Very reliable and rugged. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Cred: 2
Review by TNOE80 on Nov. 22, 2011
Awesome compatibility with various fuels, rugged and dependable. Would recommend to anyone!

Cred: 12
Review by fb_1020750033 on Feb. 02, 2008
very reliable

Cred: 102
Review by Delta V on Sep. 25, 2008
Nice stove
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Whisperlite Internationale

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11 oz3.5
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