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MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

Weight3 oz
Boil Time (min)3.5

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MSR Pocket Rocket Stove
4.2 out of 5 based on 61 user reviews.

Cred: 353
Review by dave fluke on Nov. 04, 2007
light weight-takes little room in your pack-fast easy set up-nice valve control-cools fast. in all this is a nice stove for the money
arms really dont extend wide enough for larger cookware and really needs to be used on as flat of surface as possible
for around $30 dollars this is one of the better canister stoves of its style

Cred: 248
Review by Shifu on Jul. 10, 2011
Amazingly good product for the price. Control good enough to simmer food if you're careful, but hot enough to boil water pretty quickly. It's not the best for elaborate cooking, nor is it the fastest at boiling water if that's all you need, but it is light, cheap, and versatile as hell.
Since the flame is basically a point source in the center of your pot, simmering is doable but requires a lot of stirring. Very sensitive to wind.
Jetboil for fast and light stuff, Coleman double burner for car camping.

Cred: 2126
Review by anthonymancuso on Apr. 16, 2012
Inexpensive, Lightweight, Great Starter Stove. Took mine out on the Black Forest Trail, Tiadaghdon Forest, PA and it made the trip. Worlds better than the Esbit Stove I had planned on using.
Vulnerable to wind, seems fragile.
At this price range, you can't get much better.

Cred: 138
Review by powerpuffgirl on Dec. 30, 2007
Extremely small and light, it's probably one of the best stoves in its price range. It's very simple to set up and the large control valve is easy to use with gloves on. There are also ridges on the arms to better hold your cookware.
It'd fairly unstable so you need to place it on a flat surface. There is no windscreen so boiling will take more time than advertised. Also, it's pretty bad for simmering.

Cred: 313
Review by gearjunkie4017 on Mar. 15, 2011
This stove is tiny, It packs in the carry case and takes up hardly any room in your pack. The hardest part is finding a spot for the fuel canister.
The only "bad" feature is that it does not function well in extreme cold. This is because of the contents of the fuel canister contracting and reducing fuel supply. Other than that this stove is wonderful

Cred: 355
Review by omegaburn on May. 18, 2011
Everything i need in a stove, light, packs well, and comes with a holder. Produces a quite hot flame.
Need to have a bit longer arms for most of the cookware i own but i make due. stove it self stays quite hot after use.
For 30$ its everything you need and an excellent value, its MSR afterall.

Cred: 863
Review by brownie710 on May. 06, 2008
super compact and boils quickly.does not have the infamous eybrow scorching fireballs of the whisperlite
can be a little tipsy as it sits higher than others.

Cred: 515
Review by brs1986 on Mar. 22, 2011
cant go wrong with this little stove. classic design. light weight and compact stove make it excellent for any type of camping.
as always, gas canisters may have alitude problems.

Cred: 550
Review by tdpitts on Jul. 19, 2011
Convenient, reliable, easy to use, lightweight. Puts out a lot of heat.
Not the smallest or lightest. Pot supports are not great for large pots.

Cred: 1194
Review by bruton on Jul. 25, 2011
Super fast, Super light, super durable,
Works for me up to 14,000+ ft. Even in winter( with a little help from body heat on the canister )
Not much control. IE. On or off
Snow Peak Ti Giga power.

Cred: 12
Review by moshjaines on May. 11, 2012
tiny footprint in your bag, coupled with a stacking cook pot set that the tank goes in its even smaller, ive rocked this bad boy for what seems like 10 years and have never been disappointed
its a small one so no cooking pasta for twelve in a huge pot, also not much wind protection but it puts out enough flame to still get a good boil

Cred: 29
Review by veitski87 on Jan. 13, 2013
packs small in my gsi kit
used for years now and still going strong. kayak trips, backpacking, etc.
wind cooking sucks. needs a screen
use the MSR leg attachment for the canister. this allows for a more sturdy cooking surface.

Cred: 316
Review by UpaDowna on May. 22, 2009
small size, nice storage container, inexpensive
tall and potentially top heavy, but i have never had an issue

Cred: 285
Review by Chad Da Fine on Aug. 05, 2009
Light and burns hot
Seems a little flimsy and can't use heavy pots but its an ultralight stove so who is goning to bring a heavy pot.
None this is great!

Cred: 332
Review by bencounter on Dec. 11, 2009
Sooo portable and lightweight. Perfect for boiling water while backpacking.
Doesn't work well with cooking on a pan - too focused of a hotspot. Will burn pancakes like there's no tomorrow.

Cred: 180
Review by Jake0167 on Sep. 06, 2011
Very light, and very small.
Not as efficient as I'd like. So you may have to carry more fuel depending on how long you will be staying out.
Jetboil for sure. It's worth the extra $.

Cred: 14
Review by Photoguy190 on Oct. 25, 2007
Fast Boil time, lightweight, love the large control knob cause be used with gloves on.
noisy, doesn't simmer as well as I would like

Cred: 6
Review by Shuffle on Dec. 06, 2007
packs small / lightweight / dependable / ease of use / price / toothed arms hold pot w/ ridges well
not the most quite of stoves / Wind can effect the boil time since it does not have a windscreen

Cred: 22
Review by fb_28201018 on Mar. 01, 2008
Lightweight and portable. Easiest thing you will have to pack.
Not terribly sturdy when cooking with your larger pots.

Cred: 23
Review by dirtrock1 on Mar. 16, 2011
Burns hot and fast,good boil time,ultralite and compact. very easy to use. great price
No windscreen, but that is easily fixed by using a rock or log as a windbreak.
For hiking or biking,none

Cred: 8
Review by gibsoncs123 on Mar. 16, 2011
Incredibly small, great for short day hikes or overnight camping trips.
The actual stove top is small. This product is difficult to use if on an uneven surface.

Cred: 8
Review by JBarg42 on Jul. 05, 2011
Works great in the right conditions! Boils water quick!
Doesn't work so well when it's windy out. Just got to block the wind which sometimes is a pain.

Cred: 9
Review by willac145 on Aug. 12, 2011
light, small, fuel tank last forever
a little unstable or top heavy when pot is on top of but not that big of deal

Cred: 20
Review by lukeelwood on Nov. 14, 2011
Easy to Use, Reliable, Simple
Not great in the wind, and not great in the extreme cold.
Optimus Crux Lite

Cred: 23
Review by sawdustfeet on Jun. 22, 2012
Small, light, reliable, economical, and simple to use.
Can be difficult to use in windy conditions; definitely needs very flat surface; gets top-heavy with full pot of water/food on top.

Cred: 54
Review by blegare on Nov. 15, 2012
very compact and can literally fit in your pocket. have had nothing but good experiences with this stove

Cred: 5
Review by irishpilot777 on Feb. 27, 2011
small, light weight, indestructible, functional
Build your own windscreen, small heating area, unstable... all easy to deal with if you know the limits
This one is the best for lightweight travel if you don't want to build your own (coke can stove)

Cred: 3
Review by scheidan on Jul. 02, 2012
Used this down in Moab on a windy weekend. Lit easily and stayed lit, boiled water for coffee quickly and cooled just as quick. Lightweight and packs super small.
Needs level surface. Never used it for meals... probably too small for more than one or two people.

Cred: 40569
Review by marks on Apr. 01, 2007
3 oz stove.
Fairly tall and therefore not very stable. Vulnerable to wind.

Cred: 463
Review by quinlama on Feb. 11, 2008
Light and simple.
Can be a little tipsy if the ground isn't level. Has trouble with wind

Cred: 65
Review by Leatherman on Jun. 14, 2008
Lightweight, Compact, Intense flame, Easy to use
Poor support

Cred: 358
Review by fb_4943815 on Jun. 20, 2008
Small, light, canisters last forever and boils water super fast

Cred: 398
Review by slevasse on Nov. 03, 2008
Super light, boils fast, simple to use.
a little tippy, and watch out for wind.

Cred: 5
Review by benbaird77 on Mar. 26, 2009
light and boils water in 3.5 minutes for gods sake
hard to ajust in cold weather and not good with the wind

Cred: 392
Review by ZGClimbin on Mar. 14, 2011
Simple, easy, lightweight, what more could you ask?

Cred: 5
Review by tetontravler01 on Mar. 17, 2011
This stove is lightweight and tiny, so easy to pack even for day trips. Cools fast and easy to set up.
Could use wider arms, but hey its great.
Take it up a 14er!

Cred: 270
Review by jaredmartin35 on Jul. 09, 2011
(Good Features)great small stove! Stays lit great!

Cred: 10
Review by oranjello007 on Feb. 12, 2008
Great packing size and weight...super good for ultralight packing. I love the simplicity of it.

Cred: 303
Review by wadechristian on May. 03, 2011
Boils fast, intense flame. Heavy Duty

Cred: 19
Review by chachiavirett on Aug. 10, 2011
durable, easy to clean, extremely lightweight
only runs off of canister fuel
MSR Whipserlite

Cred: 13
Review by tetontraveler01 on Sep. 19, 2011
small, lightweight, msr greatness
not very pot 'grippy', can't take wind well
anything jet boil

Cred: 25
Review by Interrogate on Aug. 16, 2014
Quick and light.
A bit small and unstable with large pots
Whisper light or Xgr from MSR also jetbroil

Cred: 58
Review by fb_1119510125 on Mar. 12, 2008
Simple, easy to work
No self start.

Cred: 26
Review by fb_20615860 on Apr. 03, 2008
Small, Light, and Hot.

Cred: 49
Review by fb_598762461 on Apr. 19, 2008
Fantastic in any location

Cred: 12
Review by fb_9303893 on May. 08, 2008
folds small lightweight durable

Cred: 92
Review by GetOutside on May. 15, 2008
Small and compact
Only two temps. Hot or Off

Cred: 36
Review by fb_564910901 on Jul. 08, 2008
Small, light and very efficient.

Cred: 20
Review by Valarie_Heredia on Aug. 14, 2008
Love the size... and the name!

Cred: 17
Review by live_4_2day on Oct. 07, 2008
A must have. Small but sturdy.

Cred: 4
Review by johnrobs on Feb. 09, 2010
awesome features..
albert pinto
camper trailers

Cred: 2
Review by chicken on Apr. 26, 2011
Needs very flat surface
Arms do not open wide enough

Cred: 9
Review by hancock on Jul. 13, 2011
for price and size wonderful stove

Cred: 36
Review by nathanasher on Nov. 10, 2011
very light and easy to use

Cred: 2
Review by katebrunette1 on Jan. 13, 2012
light, easy to start, cooks well
get the mug too for easy packing

Cred: 5
Review by shawd01 on Sep. 25, 2008
small but packs a punch

Cred: 2
Review by laurensims41 on May. 02, 2011
light weight. little room.

Cred: 5
Review by montane on Mar. 23, 2008

Cred: 24
Review by hoddinott on Apr. 05, 2008
cooks good

Cred: 68
Review by fb_565749594 on May. 12, 2008
light handy

Cred: 4
Review by Chalk Bag on Jul. 05, 2008
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