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Mountainsmith Modular Hauler 4 System

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Mountainsmith Modular Hauler 4 System
3 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.

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Review by fb_503226040 on Jan. 19, 2008
As a guy on a road trip, I appreciate anything that will keep my crap organized and easy to move around. This system does well on the organized part. The 4 'cubes' (actually rectangular prisms if you want to be accurate) are sturdy and the different colors make it easy to find the gear i want (climbing gear in red, hiking in yellow, food in green, random crap in blue)
The big grey bag that is supposed to hold all 4 cubes is too floppy - trying to stuff the cubes in there is a pain. also, 4 cubes are a bit unwieldy to carry around all at once - i think i would have been better off with the 3 cube version. Also, i would hesitate to pay full price for something like this. finally, i would like it better if the big grey bag zipped shut on top, so i could toss the whole thing around without worrying that the cubes would fall out.
i just noticed that Outdoor products has something that looks exactly the same except for the label, but costs only $30 has it for sale now in their outlet store - i ordered one, because $ 30 for 4 of the cubes is a good deal, even if i don't use the extra haul bag. when i get it i will report on whether it is the same exact product with a different label and price. Also, Eagle Creek makes a similar system called the toy chest, which does have a full zip on the haul bag, though it is pretty pricey.
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