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Mad Rock Mad Pad

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Mad Rock Mad Pad
4.1 out of 5 based on 15 user reviews.

Cred: 141
Review by philchai on Nov. 26, 2008
One of the thriftiest buys, with respect to crash pads, the pad is significantly thicker (and harder) than others available on the market. The buckles and straps are durable and have not torn off yet (as indicated by other reviews). A step-off mat is provided to help with minimizing rock erosion (leave no trace philosophy). To combat its lack of surface area coverage, the velcro lining (on the outer edge of the pad) allows you to string together several crash pads.

Key Pros:
* Economical
* Thick
* Step-off pad included
* Can be strung together
For cons, the small surface area is a turn-off. In addition, the pad is not incredibly forgiving when you land on it; it is, however, softer than the ground so it does serve its intended purpose. The crash pad is a two-piece design so it is ideal for flat level surfaces in order to avoid sprained ankles from landing dead center on the pad.

Key Cons:
* Hard landing
* Small surface area
* Two-piece design.
Overall, the Mad Rock Mad Pad is a decent, economical crash pad that serves its purpose. I would recommend stringing at least 2 together as a good alternative to buying one larger crash pad. Black Diamond, Misty Mountain, and Metolius also have Quality pads.

Cred: 40569
Review by marks on Mar. 31, 2007
Good price for the size.
A little soft for my taste. I have also heard complaints about the durability.
Metolius has an excellent crash pad line.

Cred: 594
Review by checkpositive001 on Jan. 12, 2008
good price, easy to carry. I like how the two halves are connected solidly to make one continuous pad.
the little mat is handy for wiping shoes off
velcro along the bottom collects dirt and leaves easily.
Black Diamond and Metolius are nice too.

Cred: 601
Review by steiger on Jan. 16, 2008
Nice and stiff for high falls, you can velcro several together for seamless landing, makes a great couch
not a taco
black diamond, misty mountain, Metolius

Cred: 454
Review by fb_12711439 on Mar. 21, 2008
its softer than the ground
webbing ripped after 2 uses, somewhat awkward, not at all comfortable on your back

Cred: 348
Review by curtis_g on Jul. 16, 2008
Large capacity, cheap, thick, backpack straps and you got yourself a first class couch round the campfire.
I'd recommend this one.

Cred: 23
Review by Biohazard Barbie on Jun. 17, 2008
you can cram a bunch of crap into it before you close it and it still closes fine, turns into a great couch
stiff padding
Misty Mountain bouldering pad

Cred: 26
Review by Kirill Zemlyanskiy on Jul. 19, 2008
light,durable,good to land on
the only downside is the fold in the middle if you fall in there ight twist your ankle

Cred: 52
Review by chadtchris on Mar. 18, 2011
very cheap. works as good as any other in my opinion
any other crash pad

Cred: 358
Review by fb_4943815 on Jun. 20, 2008
Super thick
Bulky, straps suck

Cred: 98
Review by fb_1126530105 on Feb. 20, 2008
great pad for the price
no pockets

Cred: 11
Review by fb_1148820339 on Apr. 11, 2008
turns into a couch!

Cred: 18
Review by laxinbueck162 on Dec. 08, 2008
cheap, thick, hard at first but breaks in quick

Cred: 18
Review by climberboy123 on Mar. 24, 2009
I haven't gotten hurt on it yet...

Cred: 464
Review by fb_14818194 on Jan. 16, 2008
cheap, thick.
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