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Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter

Weight312 g

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Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter
4.5 out of 5 based on 21 user reviews.

Cred: 1088
Review by dvalente on Apr. 12, 2012
It works. I haven't become ill while using it yet. Pumps water fairly quickly. Used it with some real murky water with no clogs (but I did clean it shortly after with the included sponge). A note on that, murky or green water in equals colored water out. I don't have experience with other filters and nasty water so I'm not sure if this is typical.
Quality is sub-par. It comes with a plastic bag for one of the tubes to keep them separate while stored in your pack. The closure on which broke after about a dozen uses. The inlet tube practically had to be stood on to get it to click into place when I purchased the filter; about 15 minutes in camp carving plastic away one night solved this. Girlfriend dropped the filter about 1ft into a stream and the connection for the inlet tube shattered. It also doesn't backflush like a lot of the other filters out there these days so you have to open it and clean the grit off manually.
This design is becoming antiquated. It's not very expensive anymore because of that, but there's a host of faster, lighter, better filters available.

Cred: 315
Review by senisbs on Aug. 19, 2009
Easy to use (even kids can filter), does its job (we never got sick), relatively small, line is long enough, adapter is good for wide mouth bladders and nalgene bottles, 3000 gallons filter should last awhile.
Would like quick emptying after done with filtering, handle could be more comfortable (like old Katadyn), plastic doesn't look durable, usually takes 2 person for safe, clean and 1L/min action
Katadyn is the best

Cred: 188
Review by travismcnaulfan on Nov. 04, 2008
loved it! pumped much more quickly than other models and water seemed to taste much better to! Ive used mine for two years now and have not had to change the filter with no performance degredation.

Cred: 3262
Review by melissa on Apr. 19, 2010
Durable, easy to use, lightweight, fast (1 L in less than a minute), easy to clean. Probably the most popular filter on the market. If you have a PUR Hiker, the replacement filters from this one will fit.
The up and down pump action isn't as comfortable as the side pump action in my opinion.
MSR Sweetwater

Cred: 198
Review by fb_124300797 on Mar. 22, 2008
yeah Ive never gotten sick so I guess its doing its job
very slow to pump. Im usually with one other person and it takes about 20 min. per 2 L
The MSR hyperflow or what ever its called looks like a great alternative

Cred: 360
Review by iwish on Oct. 11, 2011
I have used this filter for the last 4 years and I just had to replace the filter for the fist time. Easy to maintain, doesn't require much of a puddle to pump from.
Can be tough to keep fine silt from clogging it, like in glacial run off.

Cred: 392
Review by ZGClimbin on Mar. 14, 2011
Gets used more then my kitchen sink and never fails. I hate tablets and still can't trust a fancy pen that needs batteries. To cut some weight shorten the hoses and leave the nalgene adapter at home

Cred: 8
Review by Timmmber74 on Aug. 12, 2011
I love this lill water pumpin beast, I have put it through the test, I have had it on 1000 plus miles of hiking, I dont leave home w/o it on kayak trips( nothing better than your own water fountain in the eddy) if this lill tank ever breaks I will so be getting another one!
4 out of the 5 people I pack with (avid packers) ended up getting one of there own after using mine....ONCE AGAIN I LOVE THIS THING !!!

Cred: 19
Review by grote4life on Oct. 03, 2011
Easy to use (even kids can filter), does its job (we never got sick), relatively small, line is long enough, adapter is good for wide mouth bladders and nalgene bottles, 3000 gallons filter should last awhile.

Cred: 5
Review by ssgtsiler on Jul. 15, 2008
Good quality, have been using Katadyn filters for the duration of my outdoor experiences. Hiker Pro has served me well over the years, easy to use, small size and light weight. Filter good alternative to chemicals. Easy to clean!
Recommended for any hiker/camper of any skill level.
Can be annoying sometimes when hose kinks or tangles, but this is rare. I suppose some people can be put off by the weight/size when chemicals are available.
Limited experience with MSR filters have been positive. Also, other Katadyn filters are also excellent.

Cred: 212
Review by jjuran on Mar. 08, 2011
Easy to clean and use. Great attachments to fit Nalgene large mouth bottles
Zipper on out hose broke.

Cred: 372
Review by inmyhammock on Jan. 05, 2012
Nice and simple.. the way it oughta be!
Tad bit slow, but hey, we're outside off our butts enjoying nature.. get over it.

Cred: 51
Review by fb_738116829 on Feb. 25, 2008
Light, Small. Easy to Use.
A litlle labor intensive...

Cred: 311
Review by fb_894465643 on Feb. 11, 2008
This lil guy is fantastic. I think it does a great job and doesn't take up too much space.

Cred: 59
Review by fb_21416701 on Feb. 12, 2008
Great filter
Doesn't pump very fast
MSR Miniworks

Cred: 14
Review by fb_124302839 on Mar. 22, 2008
Dependable and user friendly.
Make sure to pump all water out after it is used.
steri pin

Cred: 313
Review by gearjunkie4017 on Mar. 15, 2011
super simple operation and easy maintenanve
a little slow to pump but worth the wait

Cred: 443
Review by Sidekick on Jul. 07, 2008
filters fast and tastes great

Cred: 35
Review by asolo on Jul. 03, 2008
could be lighter

Cred: 38
Review by fb_590200209 on Aug. 06, 2008
good value. small, just as fast as any other

Cred: 14
Review by fb_29704860 on Feb. 27, 2008
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