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Camelbak Omega

Weight213 g

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Camelbak Omega
4.3 out of 5 based on 22 user reviews.

Cred: 402
Review by jur001 on Feb. 01, 2008
Although the price is great, the accessories are awfully overpriced. The cleaning kit costs as much and two tablets half of the price. Also doesn´t come with a cover on the big bite valve, nor a water stopper - once flooded my car, and got my sleeping bag all wet before a long climbing trip.

Cred: 398
Review by slevasse on Nov. 03, 2008
Great way to make sure you enough water for the trail. Makes it convenient to drink while moving and not having to stop. Easy to clean and fill. Once empty, folds up fairly compact and is light.
Might want to invest in the shutoff valve, otherwise the bite valve can get pinched in transport and drain itself. Also if you plan on doing cold weather excursions invest in the insulator for the hose or it will freeze unless you keep blowing the water back into the reservoir.

Cred: 285
Review by Chad Da Fine on Aug. 05, 2009
Wide top so you can get your hand in to clean out and dry out for storage. Quick dissconnect for the drink tube and mouth piece (on mine). I have the military version which is OD in color and has a bunch of quick disconnect ends
The seals on the QD hoses can go bad and leak.
Camelbak is the best but there are allot of other comparable brands.

Cred: 332
Review by bencounter on Dec. 11, 2009
Great volume. Good construction. Water in it doesn't taste like plastic (which happens with others).
Traded out the valve for an older one. Didn't appreciate it draining two liters of water into my other gear while packed in the back of my car.

Cred: 557
Review by fb_164100984 on Jan. 22, 2008
Holds lots of water (enough to share). The water stays fresh.
Water in tube gets hot in the sun and freezes without insulation on cold days.

Cred: 858
Review by merlesray on Jun. 20, 2008
Easy to clean, no funky build up, durable! Easy to fill. Holds lots of water.
The first few liters out of it tastes plastic-y.

Cred: 11
Review by Jake3220 on Mar. 08, 2011
It really is a great, durable product. I use it in a light bag for biking and it comes in handy when I need it the most. It doesn't sweat as much as the off brands and so far I have had no leaks from the bladder itself.
The valve isn't shut-off. It DOES sometimes leak from the bite valve if it gets smashed and this is an issue. I'd say invest in a shut-off valve, but the accessories are pricey.

Cred: 349
Review by flemdawg1 on Nov. 05, 2008
Holds water, Bite valve works, not that hard to clean, Big opening is easy to fill.
Kids might bite thru your bite valve and then you gotta spend $10 on a replacement, sometimes tough to open

Cred: 14
Review by derekgmc333 on Feb. 16, 2011
great back never leaks no problems
wouldn't say bad features just lacking, i would suggest buying a water stopper, if u pinch the mouth piece on anything it just all leaks out

Cred: 858
Review by merlesray on Jan. 16, 2009
Durable, super easy to fill and drain.
I can taste the blue. I'm not crazy.

Cred: 65
Review by Leatherman on Jul. 25, 2008
Practical way to stay hydrated.
Difficult to refill on the trail...freezes in cold weather?

Cred: 5
Review by Bobbywan on Feb. 25, 2010
I have the 100 oz. and its bomb proof!! I love it. Doesn't make the water taste bad at all! Highly recommend it to anyone!

Cred: 464
Review by fb_14818194 on Jan. 16, 2008
fairly durable .. pretty odor resistent

Cred: 8
Review by fb_1541460192 on Mar. 09, 2008
Its big. light. cool shape
It leaked on my backpacking trip. there was a small hole

Cred: 370
Review by Ocoee123 on Mar. 27, 2011
good bag, easy to clean

Cred: 51
Review by fb_738116829 on Feb. 25, 2008
Easier to Clean. Big

Cred: 29
Review by Ryan Moody on Apr. 10, 2008
easy fill

Cred: 35
Review by asolo on Jul. 03, 2008
holds water

Cred: 29
Review by Ryan Moody on Oct. 15, 2008
easy fill

Cred: 831
Review by stevencook on Jan. 20, 2008
lasts forever

Cred: 51
Review by fb_738116829 on Feb. 25, 2008
Easier to Clean

Cred: 0
Review by fb_613231156 on Aug. 20, 2008
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