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Burton X8 Snowboard

Waist Width24.9 cm

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Burton X8 Snowboard
4.7 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

Cred: 679
Review by jgsqueak on Feb. 09, 2008
The X8 won a goodwood for a's legit! Burton's ICS is a great new feature to give a board more feel. The X8 can ride anywhere from the park to the back country. E.S.T. bindings are quick and easy to adjust too.
I know it is a new board and new tech...but the price is a little steep. By the time you put an E.S.T. binding on there (which should be the ONLY way you should ride this), you are up there in price.
There are other high Performance park-do-everything boards out there, but nothing quite like this.

Cred: 135
Review by sierracrew on Jun. 29, 2008
The ICS system is an amazing thing. I for one didn't think it would make that much of a difference when I first saw it but I was proven wrong as soon as I rode the X8 and EST combined. Since there is no plastic under your foot, you not only get an incredible amount of board feel, but also the natural flex of the board gives you unmatchable balance control. Whether you are on a groomer or a handrail, it is very smooth and takes snowboarding to the next level.
The only downfall currently is the lack of choices for an EST binding. Although this upcoming season burton is offering more bindings in the EST line up as well as interchangeable footbeds for the EST bindings to give even more comfort or control or feel depending on which one you switch the stock one with.
Alternatives to the X8... well the X8 is quite soft in flex and directed towards the terrain park. The Burton Custom ICS will give a little stiffer flex while still maintaining Freestyle abilities. For a similar park specific snowboard with high end technology, something like the K2 Jibpan would be up there with lots of park upgrades.

Cred: 5
Review by JamAndKat_008 on Mar. 20, 2008
A little background: 40 yrs old aging snow hound with +20 lbs of cheesecake holding me earthbound, skiing for 32 years, riding for 4, just able to ride black diamond with small bumps, can pop 360's in the pipe, but speed scares me. AASI lvl 1. Love to ride and i'm aspiring for my AASI lvl 2 next season. I've got a few boards, some soft, some stiff and this is the only board that i can walk up-hill in!?! i don't know what it is, but the flex is such that i have no problem balancing on either the nose or tail. as you can imagine, i have no problem with ollies, nollies, nose press 180's, etc. this board makes me feel like i really know what i'm doing out there; and as a weekend instructor, it gives me a whole lot of confidence knowing i can teach kids and adults and help them to the next level. when a piece of gear gives you that kind of confidence and insipiration, that deserves major kudos! in the park, pipe or on groomers this is one makes me feel like a superhero; but i've been trapped in a foot or two of pow and i sank like a rock.
if you are a weekend warrior who generally sticks to groomers and you're looking for one board to take you to the next level and have fun getting there, don't hesitate, go for this stick; i was so enchanted, i've purchased a second one as a spare! fyi re: board size, i'm 172cm tall, i ride the 157.
not a deep powder board.
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