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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Weight2 oz
Includes HalogenNo

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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
4.1 out of 5 based on 27 user reviews.

Cred: 3262
Review by melissa on Feb. 21, 2011
This is a review of the NEW Spot. It's super bright (75 lumens), has a battery life indicator, a button lock, red setting, and a low setting for in camp/tent. Light weight.
The button sequence can be a little confusing. It comes with a simple manual that you may want to memorize before you go out (especially how to unlock it). Only water resistant.
Petzl Tikka or Zipka Plus 2 are more durable and waterproof, but more money.

Cred: 2509
Review by livextreme41 on Aug. 13, 2009
very bright, and simple with only one setting. Got a great deal. this is the lamp that never leaves my pack.
with the one setting this can be painfully bright around camp.
Petzl tikka plus (3 settings)

Cred: 951
Review by Bassnick on Nov. 09, 2011
Decently long battery life if you don't use the highest white light setting. Speaking of the brightest light setting, it is REALLY bright. I also like how you can switch between red and white light and blinking. Adds a ton of versatility to the light.
The bright white light setting is a little too bright.
Any Petzl or PrincenTec lamp.

Cred: 353
Review by Ishy5 on Sep. 17, 2009
Light weight, 3AAA batteries. Long light life. Big button easy to use and push with gloves on
no waterproof rating. No red light filter or LED. No voltage regulator (therefore no luminosity regulator)
tikka XP or Princeton Tec the 80 dollar lamp though you can buy 2 spots or tikkas for that

Cred: 279
Review by tucktimt on Apr. 18, 2011
Lightweight, bright, brightness adjusts like a dimmer switch, and it has a safety lock so no dead batteries after illuminating the inside of your pack all day!!
Doesn't come with a bag/case... it would be nice if it came in a tiny fleece bag to protect the lens from scratches.

Cred: 323
Review by qajaqer on Aug. 27, 2011
Bright, small, and tough. I've had mine for many years and it's just finally starting to deteriorate. The 2 settings are great.
Could use more brightness settings or a red light.
For it's size and cost this is one of the best I've ever used.

Cred: 2126
Review by anthonymancuso on Dec. 28, 2012
More than one guide I work with owns this headlamp, they each love it and never think about buying another. Batteries last longer than the BD Gizmo, I think the headband is more comfortable too, (it's wider)
Just as bright and heavier than the BD Gizmo.
Petzl, all day!

Cred: 1364
Review by zephyr7863 on Feb. 19, 2011
not your first line of defense against the dark, but it gets the job done. its bright, small, easy to use. pretty standard headlamp. the new one is a lot better though.
only 1 setting

Cred: 3607
Review by Sapdawg1 on Aug. 12, 2011
Very bright. Easy to use. Relatively light weight. I would buy it again... especially for price
Doesn't hold its position with reasonable impact... trail running

Cred: 402
Review by enewhous on Feb. 23, 2012
Extremely bright, visibility good, multiple settings, dimming
If too cold will shut off unexpectedly.

Cred: 5
Review by willm on Jan. 13, 2008
Extremely bright! Comfortable headband, lightweight, sturdy housing, multiple settings, all-weather, great battery life. Although the tiltable housing may seem like it would move on its own during sudden movements, it is actually very stable, and yet still easy to adjust when you need to.
none yet!

Cred: 23
Review by crashkitty on Sep. 29, 2011
For the 2011 Spot: Awesome headlamp!!! Red setting a must around camp so you don't blind (and annoy) everyone. Also has a strobe (red & white settings) and a dimmer! 1 button for all light settings, very easy to use. Adjustable angle that actually stays in place! And it comes in army green & brown!
A little heavy but worth it due to it's awesomeness!

Cred: 357
Review by eswanson on Mar. 03, 2011
Light and bright, no strap over the head.
Plastic housing feels a little cheap, but no problems yet.
Petzl stuff, maybe?

Cred: 180
Review by littleraehartley on Sep. 19, 2011
Pretty durn bright. Lots of light for not lots of cash- brighter than my BD Moxie, but also a little bit heavier and less comfortable
BD Moxie - less bright, but cheaper and lighter weight

Cred: 2643
Review by ndonaldj on Mar. 28, 2012
Pretty good headlamp. Not the best by any means. But its an affordable headlamp for occasional use.
Not very bright. Battery life isn't very good.
Black Diamond Icon;

Cred: 27
Review by pdizzle on Mar. 29, 2012
for the 2011(?) i think. 75 lumen version. very bright on spotlight mode, good for climbing or long distance but too much otherwise. good features. solid battery life -- so far lasted 5-6 months of weekend use without it saying its low
wish the red mode was a little brighter and that it remembered how bright you had white mode set when you turned it back on. so if you set it really dim, turn it off, then turn it on its at the brightest setting again, effectively killing your night vision

Cred: 5
Review by iringer2011 on Feb. 15, 2011
Love this headlamp, very light, and extremely bright! love the fact that it has multipliable lights with in it so no i can adjust the light where ever i am, it even has a red light so i can walk on the beach at night and not disrupt the sea turtles
I do not like the button that is used to change which light you are using, it is very confusing and often does not work how i want it to
The lamp is a great headlamp, i love mine, it is the best i have had and it is not extremely expensive, i recommend it to everyone

Cred: 13
Review by tetontraveler01 on Sep. 19, 2011
Bright spot light, batteries last forever, headband is extremely easy to adjust even with gloves on
mine is an older version that doesn't have a red night light but it's taken me everywhere just fine

Cred: 30
Review by ericaw on May. 31, 2011
Bright and cheap. Bought off Steep and Cheap for a very reasonable price

Cred: 345
Review by MLSyring on Sep. 06, 2011
Solid light.
Heavy, but not a problem unless backpacking. One setting.

Cred: 820
Review by thexexe on Aug. 12, 2012
Bright. Adjustable. Choices. Durable.

Cred: 464
Review by fb_14818194 on Jan. 16, 2008
grabbed this right before a trip, has worked fine.

Cred: 36
Review by nathanasher on Nov. 10, 2011
very bright and feels great on your head
battery life is ify

Cred: 350
Review by InfiniteStealth on Mar. 05, 2009
Very bright and lightweight.

Cred: 3
Review by jhoward907 on Mar. 26, 2011
Bright, light, versitile
sometimes comes off headband

Cred: 26
Review by fb_1290900279 on Jan. 31, 2008
Bright Spot

Cred: 38
Review by fb_569202534 on Dec. 29, 2008
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