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Black Diamond Raven Pro

Weight382 g

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Black Diamond Raven Pro
4.7 out of 5 based on 16 user reviews.

Cred: 28184
Review by climbhigher on Nov. 04, 2007
If you need a mountain axe and are looking for light weight, such as ski mountaineers this is a good direction to begin looking. Black diamond has kept it simple with this clean design. The handle is comfortable to hold onto the shape of the handle is rounded, you can notice it if you check out the video. You can really feel the weight of this axe or should I say lack there of when you are holding onto it for a long period of time.
The axes spade could be a little bigger I found since the whole unit has been paired down for weight this has also shrunk quite a bit.
If you are thinking of going lightweight another company producing lightweight mountain gear is Camp.

Cred: 888
Review by ErikW on Aug. 08, 2009
Great lightweight and full-use ice axe. Where many of the uber-ultra-lightweight axes out there aren't strong enough to handle the rigors of mountaineering (i.e., using them as deadman anchors), the Raven Pro keeps those options in play. Abuse it all you want. Head shape fits perfectly in the hand - as does the shaft when in dagger or frontpointing position - and both holes (head and spike) accept most 'biners. I don't mind the smaller adze, it's just part of the package with lightweight axes.
Poor color choice for a tool that's meant to be used in the snow.

Cred: 180
Review by ccorder22 on May. 30, 2012
I have only used this axe on one climb, but on that climb it was perfect! I hit rocks with it, it didn't dull. I glissaded down the snowy chute next to the switchbacks on Mt. Whitney with it, and it gave me excellent control. I was able to clip a carabiner into its head to improvise an ice axe leash. Simple, classic design that worked like a charm. I will definitely be taking it on my next trip.
Only thing is that it is a bit heavy, but that heaviness means nothing when you know you have a durable ice axe like this.

Cred: 3607
Review by Sapdawg1 on Mar. 02, 2012
Finally replaced my old BD steel axe. Very lightweight... especially in-lieu-of my old axe. Different feel especially in comparison to my old steel axe.

Cred: 125
Review by stanhope2003 on Nov. 29, 2009
Simple ice axe. Have it in 65cm. Good general mountaineering axe. Light weight but still has great durability.
No issues.

Cred: 262
Review by rondo.bauer on Mar. 03, 2008
Same as the Raven, just lighter.

Cred: 169
Review by skillet on Sep. 04, 2008
light, does the job

Cred: 46
Review by fb_866120310 on Apr. 04, 2008
sweat mountaineering axe

Cred: 7
Review by fb_1011295604 on Apr. 20, 2008
Kind of a funny weight on the back swing

Cred: 64
Review by fb_54603090 on Apr. 30, 2008
Great all around lightweight axe.

Cred: 12
Review by jackknife on Jan. 06, 2009
Great for glacier travel.

Cred: 0
Review by fb_553585306 on Apr. 03, 2008
Small Adze

Cred: 13
Review by fb_701365 on Apr. 14, 2008

Cred: 0
Review by fb_1033052295 on Apr. 30, 2008

Cred: 77
Review by fb_611087715 on May. 29, 2008

Cred: 38
Review by fb_569202534 on Dec. 29, 2008
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