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Black Diamond Positron Screwgate

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Weight56 g
Gate Opening (mm)21
Major Axis (kN)25

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Black Diamond Positron Screwgate
4.7 out of 5 based on 27 user reviews.

Cred: 402
Review by jur001 on Oct. 28, 2007
This mini-biner is excellent for everything ( not to be used as a belay biner). I use it for setting up belays on multi-pitch routes, it's nose free so doesn't snag on every sling you have (like the quicksilver biner) - it is certainly worth the dollar.
None, best for its use.

Cred: 40569
Review by marks on Mar. 31, 2007
This comes down to if you like the toothless design (see small picture above) or if your prefer a lower cost / wider opening carabiner (black diamond quicksilver).
Costs more than the quicksilver which is very similar except it does not have the toothless gate.
Black Diamond Quicksilver

Cred: 180
Review by ccorder22 on Apr. 06, 2014
I really dig this little biner. I use this one to attach my myself to belay stations with my Metolius PAS. I really like this biner's nose and works super well for any setting where you'd like to have a locking biner but don't need a big bulky one.
I am not a huge fan of the feel of the screw, but that is just personal. As far as functionality goes, I cannot think of anything this carabiner lacks.

Cred: 831
Review by stevencook on Jan. 20, 2008
ligh locker that with out the keylock would have mad me very angry while on top of many routes
quick silver

Cred: 434
Review by zealous89 on Mar. 30, 2008
I love these. They're lightweight, strong, and for a pretty good price for the quality you get from Black Diamond.

Cred: 8
Review by melham on Feb. 27, 2009
I use them for attaching to anchors with tethers, and they work great for me for this application. Easy to turn collar. Doesn't get stuck in anchor systems with narrow width and key gate. They replaced my BD Quicksilvers that I was using for the same thing and constantly getting stuck in the gate notch.
Easy to turn collar could (maybe) be vibrated or rubbed into the unlocked position under certain applications.

Cred: 881
Review by evanwish on Mar. 30, 2010
My favorite locker. Its small and lightweight
there are lighter locker's out there like the trango, but this one just feels stronger and safer

Cred: 240
Review by deathbybowtie on Feb. 05, 2008
Super-smooth lock, keylock nose, light
A little smaller than I like for using a regular belay device (I use mine with my Cinch)

Cred: 233
Review by duncanlennon on Nov. 29, 2008
Smooth action. Narrow, clean nose for anchoring into bolts. Very lightweight locker.
A little too misshapen for belaying. Best used as a general purpose locker.
Trango Superfly locker.

Cred: 2509
Review by livextreme41 on Jan. 09, 2009
great for cliping in and rigging. great weight.

Cred: 358
Review by fb_4943815 on Jun. 20, 2008
Smaller than expected, light quick screw

Cred: 4460
Review by jonnymtman on Mar. 31, 2011
Keyless nose, work horse

Cred: 62
Review by fb_14222531 on Jan. 18, 2008
Light, keylock nose
ices up

Cred: 20
Review by fb_649895128 on Jan. 19, 2008
lightweight, strong, reliable

Cred: 73
Review by forsakenclimber on Apr. 28, 2008
Screw lock is very smooth and quick

Cred: 38
Review by fb_569202534 on Dec. 29, 2008
solid light 'biner for anchors

Cred: 3
Review by fb_520461192 on Jun. 12, 2008
Not the best choice for belaying purposes

Cred: 54
Review by fb_507277362 on Jan. 15, 2008
clean action

Cred: 44
Review by fb_1568880112 on Jan. 23, 2008
keylock locker

Cred: 229
Review by Jeremiah on Feb. 03, 2008

Cred: 99
Review by climbercam on Feb. 26, 2008

Cred: 46
Review by fb_742853051 on Feb. 27, 2008

Cred: 12
Review by wolfen_at_max on Jun. 13, 2008

Cred: 29
Review by alex m on Dec. 14, 2008

Cred: 9
Review by fb_42003550 on May. 12, 2008

Cred: 1
Review by fb_626155706 on Jun. 16, 2008

Cred: 0
Review by psecody on May. 11, 2008
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