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Black Diamond Neutrino

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Weight36 g
Gate Opening (mm)22
Major Axis (kN)24

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Black Diamond Neutrino
4.7 out of 5 based on 36 user reviews.

Cred: 2509
Review by livextreme41 on Jul. 06, 2009
small, but not too small, and light. Perfect for racking, and use in alpine draws. Really light, really strong. Some people say too small, they're definitely smaller, but more than enough for anything you need.
Mammut Element Wiregate is a bit different design with a bigger basket, but close in weight.

Cred: 601
Review by [email protected] on Aug. 14, 2009
Neutrinos have become my go-to carabiner. They're light, good basket, versatile and easy enough to clip. I use these for just about everything except belaying. If you watch for sales, Neutrinos can be picked up for under $5.
If you're used to straight or bent gates, the wire has a little stiffer action and might take getting used to.
Hotwire, Oz, Quicksilver

Cred: 881
Review by evanwish on Mar. 30, 2010
-the color coding speeds up the time selecting a cam on your rack
-comfortable clipping
they are light...but not as light as many of the similarly priced carabiners. you're paying for the colors.
OZ, etc..

Cred: 1096
Review by jeepnphreak on Dec. 29, 2010
Small compact and light weight, but they are not too small.
For trad these make up the majority of the biners on my rack.
The gate action is nice. IT feel snappy and secure but not so stiff to make clipping difficult.
I dont have enough of them yet?????
-Trango smooth
-BD livewire
-its much more pricey but the Wild Country Heliums are nice. Snag free wire gates are sweet.

Cred: 951
Review by Bassnick on Sep. 01, 2011
Solid Carabiner. I have 6 of them, 1 in each color to help me organize my trad rack. No complaints, its nothing special but it works.
None, cheap.
Check out the Nano 23 from CAMP USA. Its about the same price but its at least half the weight!

Cred: 195
Review by nerfherder88 on Dec. 06, 2011
Lightweight, Durable, and Great color system to use with your rack.
These carabiners should almost be designated for using with cams.
A little small to use for alpine draws. Not recommended for anything other than alpine draws and clipping your cams
Mammut Element

Cred: 40569
Review by marks on Mar. 31, 2007
How do you make a carabiner light? Make it smaller. Not an ingenious concept but they are plenty big enough to clip bolts. At 36 gram this carabiner is one of the lightest on the market.

Cred: 233
Review by duncanlennon on Nov. 29, 2008
Decent racking biner.
A bit too small to be a rope-end biner. Blunt nose is a bit awkward, and the gate a little too stiff.
Trango Superfly, DMM Eclipse. Lighter and bigger.

Cred: 390
Review by Zeric1 on Mar. 27, 2009
Wider (better) rope basket than most small biners.
Less than ideal for alpine draws, small size less manageable.

Cred: 218
Review by NorCalNomad on Mar. 01, 2013
Light, large enough to easily clip even with gloves on, CHEAP, color selection, go to for racking
Not the lightest 3/4
BD Oz's, Hoodwires, Madrock wire gates, Any other 3/5 size wiregate

Cred: 120
Review by stevendo on Dec. 02, 2008
light, and clips alright-
does not feel like a solid product and doesn't feel comfortable
attaching your chalkbag to your harness?

Cred: 31
Review by ClimbingDoogie on Jul. 07, 2011
Light yet big enough to handle anything a trad climber can throw at it! Perfect for racking gear or on draws!

Cred: 15
Review by holydiver on Sep. 06, 2011
good for quick-clipping things to your pack.
I would not recommend this for actual climbing. the clip is too weak for my liking.

Cred: 3
Review by terratomah on Feb. 20, 2012
solid, strong
heavy for size
This little biner was heavy for its size way back when it first came out (for instance, Trango had a full size biner at the Time that was at least 4 grams lighter, maybe 6). In this day and age, its REALLY heavy when compared to the Trango Superfly (28g), Wild Country Astro (29g), DMM Phantom (26g), CAMP Nano (23g) etc... Yes, the DMM Phantom which is about the same size as the Neutrino is 10g lighter! Why anyone would buy one of these dinosaurs (the Neutrino) is beyond me, unless they're specifically in the market for a small but heavy biner. Many full size biners are lighter and cheaper (or the same price). Get yourself a bunch of Mad Rock Ultralights (32g)for $5.95 each.

Cred: 402
Review by jur001 on Oct. 28, 2007
Just light and simple
Somewhat small but still big enough

Cred: 1073
Review by scottydo on Sep. 02, 2008
Super light. These things are great for saving weight
Smaller than most if you don't like that.

Cred: 420
Review by San Dog Scotty on Sep. 02, 2008
Very, very, very light
Smaller than most if that bothers you.

Cred: 862
Review by 15dbarber on Sep. 23, 2012
Could be Lighter
C.A.M.P USA Photons, Petzl Spirits

Cred: 147
Review by fb_829070088 on Feb. 06, 2008
they have there place
little to small for alpine draws

Cred: 169
Review by skillet on Sep. 04, 2008
make up the bulk of my trad rack, light
not a good winter biner, small

Cred: 3
Review by jgbrumba on Dec. 06, 2011
Lightweight, Color Coded to Camalots and Link Cams, and Durable.
Good for Alpine Draws and Racking.
Too small for dogbones
Mammut Element

Cred: 418
Review by snowman on Apr. 22, 2008
small yet still usuable

Cred: 863
Review by brownie710 on May. 01, 2008
one dozen for my draws light and compact

Cred: 663
Review by Fushyuguru on Nov. 10, 2008
Super Light, Smooth Clipping

Cred: 17
Review by jman3 on Mar. 03, 2011
cheap, fairly strong, good selection of colors
made in china
Wild Country Wild Wire

Cred: 44
Review by fb_1568880112 on Jan. 23, 2008
great racking biner

Cred: 21
Review by fb_79302166 on Feb. 06, 2008
light and pretty

Cred: 22
Review by fb_73201981 on Feb. 28, 2008
great all around

Cred: 39
Review by Wayne Bock on Aug. 03, 2008
bolt end for draws

Cred: 62
Review by fb_14222531 on Jan. 18, 2008
Fumbly with gloves on

Cred: 83
Review by fb_5800777 on Jan. 20, 2008
light, gate action, size

Cred: 8
Review by fb_538740499 on Feb. 18, 2008
the best

Cred: 99
Review by protohyp designs on Oct. 02, 2008
very light

Cred: 25
Review by Merdynn on Apr. 07, 2011

Cred: 9
Review by fb_1081080029 on Feb. 01, 2008

Cred: 229
Review by Jeremiah on Feb. 03, 2008
clips well
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