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Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness

Weight14 oz
Gear Loops4

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Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness
4.5 out of 5 based on 75 user reviews.

Cred: 922
Review by NeeDlzdos on Feb. 27, 2008
Cheap, durable, quality engineering (mostly), alpine leg-loops, full strength haul loop, chalk bag clip, hard gear loops (4), fairly comfortable, and generally a good all around harness.
Leg loop elastic adjuster ALWAYS loosens itself. Only a comfort piece and not important for safety, but it is certainly annoying to constantly be tightening it. I also wish it had the red "danger" painted on the buckle to help ensure you've got it on right. It would make spot checking a partner easier

Cred: 240
Review by deathbybowtie on Feb. 05, 2008
Reasonably comfortable as long as you don't hang in it too much, cheap, plenty of gear loops, fully adjustable.
Gets uncomfortable if you hang in it for too long (setting routes at a gym, hanging belay, etc.), double waist adjustment would be nice to keep the belay loop centered

Cred: 578
Review by lonegreeneagle on Nov. 08, 2009
Bought two in the package. One for my son and I to start him climbing and haven't regretted it at all. The fit is good and the seems and sewing are top notch. That where it's appearance impressed and assured me from the getgo!
Black Diamond you got this retired Ranger back outdoors and trying to keep up with his teenagers dang you! Although the belay loop in the back leaves me worried when the kids Aussie rappel. It's just not as thick as the front.
For a beginner and a poor father of active teens Wakan Tonka hands would'nt leave me more at ease

Cred: 515
Review by brs1986 on Feb. 05, 2008
good stuff here. been using for nearly 2 years and yeah its about time for a new harness but it has been an excellent. quality material and good engineering.
black diamond all around harness. no complaints here.
petzle sama.

Cred: 1737
Review by barubin on Jul. 17, 2008
Extremely comfortable in every way. The leg loops are adjustable around your leg and also on your butt. The gear loops are formed so they stick out and are extremely accessible. They way the harness cradles your body is almost as if the divine hand reached out and gently saved you from falling off the rock. Absolutely wonderful harness.
Accept NO substitutes.

Cred: 2509
Review by livextreme41 on Jan. 28, 2009
excellent harness for all uses. Comfortable and reliable. have not had a problem with the leg loop adjuster as others have stated, but i can see where that may be a problem, just haven't had the joy myself. This is a great all around beginners harness

Cred: 601
Review by [email protected] on Jul. 29, 2009
cheap, comfortable, and does all I need. I can wear it all day and forget I have it on. The adjustable legs (AL) are very nice to have. So far the gear loops have been bomber and are well placed. Can't complain for the price
Not too much. Could use red paint on buckles for added safety. Not the lightest harness.

Cred: 1364
Review by zephyr7863 on Nov. 16, 2009
Quality harness for the price. 4 gear loops, which is nice if you don't like racks. Pretty comfortable too.
Don't much like the leg loops, especially the adjustable buckles. They come loose too easily.

Cred: 881
Review by evanwish on Mar. 30, 2010
A very inexpensive and comfortable harness with semi wide waistband. I've taken multiple falls between 10 and 40 feet in this harness and it's always very comfortable. In one 60 foot slab fall i wore a fat hole in the leg loop but it still caught me comfortably!

Cred: 556
Review by jasoncordier on Mar. 09, 2011
Cheap, and do the job
I find that the rear leg loop suspenders always slip, so by leg loops slip down and become uncomfortable and in the way. The belay loop holding strap also always comes undone, so the belay loop moves around the top, making putting it back on with a full rack attached a little confusing.

Cred: 951
Review by Bassnick on Mar. 26, 2011
Great Harness, super comfortable. Durable construction and the gear loops are great.
The back pad of the waistbelt makes your lower back really hot and catches a ton of sweat. Also the buckles should have some sort of danger text, or red paint to make you double it back.

Cred: 2643
Review by ndonaldj on Mar. 27, 2012
I've had this harness for almost 4 years. Its taken a BEATING; climbing, canyoneering and caving. The elastic leg loop holder uppers have broken many times but that is just a comfort thing. I've loved it.
Honestly, I can't think of one thing I don't like about this harness.

Cred: 26
Review by fb_21804477 on Jan. 20, 2008
comfortable enough to wear all day, won't put a hole in your wallet
it would be nice if the buckles had an automatic double back feature
go with the speed harness if you want the automatic double back feature

Cred: 831
Review by stevencook on Feb. 09, 2008
its the perfect beginer climbing harness
its cheap
I still use it after i bought my other harness

Cred: 18
Review by TCPlank on Oct. 13, 2011
Bought this harness in a package (it came with a belay device and a decent chalk bag) to start climbing at my local gym. I am still a noob, but I can recommend this to anyone who isn't too picky about their climbing gear (sans shoes). I have no complaints... it fits me well, adjustable everywhere I need it to be, and it's comfy, even when I am halfway up the overhanging pitch and need to sit there for 5 minutes while my arms regain feeling. I will probably have this harness for years... it's well made and I don't see any wear and tear, after 4 months of climbing in thy gym.
No complaints here.... more technical climbers will probably have some negative things to say, but this harness works just fine for me,.
Just get this one... the price is right!

Cred: 150
Review by Lapsarienne on Jul. 13, 2008
Affordable, comfortable even after hours in it, fully adjustable, great gear loop location.
Bulky, awkward rise (shoulda bought the Primrose.)
Primrose (for women/smaller climbers), s240 (because who DOESN'T want one of those?)

Cred: 348
Review by curtis_g on Jul. 16, 2008
Great all around harness. Good to hang in route-setting, take whippers, put on over heavy clothes. Just a very quality harness.
I don't like the type with speed buckles, just because I don't prefer speed buckles.

Cred: 266
Review by lenhcr on Apr. 24, 2013
This was my first love. (My very first harness) Which is now my throw back harness. I still enjoy using it, its comfy, and how its stiff, doesn't let me enjou staying in one spot for to long for reasons.
Stiff. And the hip tighting loop.
Black Diamond Flight Harness

Cred: 240
Review by Eclipze on Jan. 12, 2014
Great for beginners/intermediate and performs at the level of $80-90 harnesses. Lightweight and durable, comfortable and doesn't chafe. Easy to wear for hours
The sizing is terrible . I am a 33 and bought the large and it barely fits me when I cinch it all the way down. You don't want it to be tight but they should rethink how they size these
For beginners not much is a better choice

Cred: 17
Review by fb_794333804 on Jan. 19, 2008
Comfy. Good price point.
Small gear loops. Wear a gear sling for med to longer trad routes. The webbing that connects the leg loops to form the rope guide ALWAYS comes undone, even when doubled back through
Petzl Corax

Cred: 497
Review by fb_17114825 on May. 20, 2008
basic harness, nothing real special. good sturdy harness
not much padding in waist band, but straps come loose easity

Cred: 24
Review by dls458 on Mar. 02, 2011
Great piece of gear. I've been climbing with the Momentun for 3 years now, and I love it. Comfortable, it doesn't chafe on long multi-pitches, the gear loops are well placed for grabbing a draw when you're in a hurry and don't have time to look/feel around for them. The elastic straps make putting it on nice and quick too.
The loop in the back for chalk is a little too big, I find my bag will hang almost all the way past my bum if I use a standard beaner to attach it.

Cred: 23
Review by jlegotte on Apr. 10, 2011
Comfortable, reasonable price, great first harness. I have had no problems with it so far, I've only used it in the gym to top rope and lead, and everything works the way it should. I would recommend this harness to anyone looking for a decently priced, durable and comfortable first harness.
The only thing that I can find is the leg loops do seem to ride up occasionally. It's not uncomfortable, just a little annoying to keep pulling them down because your pants or shorts get way to bunched up.

Cred: 8
Review by pckirk90 on May. 16, 2011
Cheap, durable, pretty comfortable, Great harness if you are getting into climbing or repelling.
double waist adjustment would be nice to keep the belay loop centered, and the leg loops come loose very easily

Cred: 23
Review by Powellkid72689 on Aug. 09, 2011
Great comfort, super light, and has multiple clip racks for quickdraws. It is exceptional for what it is.
The large is very large.
Great beginners harness. Price is right and it has all the extras that one would need.

Cred: 215
Review by scubasteve on Jul. 13, 2008
good harness for the price. comfortable and quick to use. enough room for plenty of gear on all the loops.
not very comfortable to hang for long periods. larger leg loops would be more comfortable.

Cred: 266
Review by somasmith on Jul. 20, 2008
Great Harness. Great Price. Wear it all day and forget that you have it on. If you are on a budget the look no further, this is your harness.

Cred: 165
Review by mtbjoe89 on Feb. 09, 2011
Very comfortable for the price. It's kept me feeling pretty good during many long belay days on the challenge course.
Elastic on leg loops is always loose.

Cred: 128
Review by orwellsanimal on Mar. 01, 2011
Comfortable and inexpensive. Lightweight and aging well.
Simple and inexpensive, you get what you pay for.

Cred: 203
Review by snowboard1291 on Dec. 06, 2011
I love the gear loops. They can hold a lot of weight and can take some punishment.
I don't have anything bad to say about this harness.

Cred: 12
Review by fb_1020750033 on Feb. 26, 2008
very comfortable and affordable
only 1 buckle on the front, making the back a little off center
focus speed

Cred: 11
Review by fb_17815208 on Apr. 07, 2008
great extra harness for newcomers. kinda annoying that you have to double back the webbing. if this is your primary harness I would go for one with a buckle that doesn't need doubling back

Cred: 31
Review by krosbakken on Sep. 24, 2008
great all around harness
the gear loops are rubber and can brake if your cam or nut snags on something
anything with stronger gear loops.

Cred: 26
Review by StevenBopp on Jul. 18, 2010
Super padded, can literally sit in it for long extended periods with no pain or dis comfort, awesome gear loops, adjustable leg loops, un-clippable leg loops
Not very breathable

Cred: 11
Review by bkmccoy on Mar. 15, 2011
price is great and holds up to the test... i have been using one for a while now and have had no problems.
maybe could use a couple more loops...

Cred: 14
Review by rbutler1 on Mar. 18, 2011
Amazing harness for the price. Comfortable, tough, and fits over anything.
Hanging on it can get uncomfortable after a little, but minor adjustments can fix it.

Cred: 8
Review by japandler on Jul. 06, 2011
I've been nothing but happy with this product. Super comfortable, well fitting, and for the past 8 years, I've been happy using nothing else.
I've never used anything else nearly as nice.

Cred: 5
Review by hektic on Dec. 31, 2007
just got into the indoor climbing thing and this harness fits great, has plenty of padding where its needed and i pretty much forgot i had it on until it caught me on a few falls...
could use a place to tuck the extra straps on the leg adjustments, but other than that a great harness for the money...

Cred: 51
Review by fb_675775314 on Feb. 04, 2008
Comfortable, fits snugly, easy to adjust, well-placed gear loops.

Cred: 5
Review by myers30f9 on Mar. 18, 2011
I love the fact that this harness is fully adjustable. it is a great starter to intermediate harness for every one.
I am a long Time fan of Black Diamond the only other harness I could recommend would be to upgrade to a higher end harness from Black Diamond

Cred: 20
Review by fb_649895128 on Jan. 19, 2008
It is all good
Needs a few more gear loops for trad leading.

Cred: 92
Review by GetOutside on May. 15, 2008
Really comfortable for the price. Sewn in belay loop eliminates some operator error.

Cred: 188
Review by jacurtis on Jun. 29, 2008
Nice, comfortable, adjustable, quality, nice biner rack

Cred: 5
Review by sjg0002 on Apr. 27, 2009
Excellent harness, very adjustable and functional. Plenty of gear loops and just enough padding to be comfy without too much bulk
Sizing is odd, check the chart before purchasing.

Cred: 3
Review by johncranor10 on Oct. 26, 2011
Great all around harness, love how it all adjusts, easy on and off, good for lightweight and bulky clothing, comfortable
Elastic straps may loosen and/ or stretch permanently over time

Cred: 20
Review by fb_51104820 on Apr. 09, 2008
good beginner's harness with great mobility and sturdy gear loops

Cred: 274
Review by lumineferusother on Jun. 25, 2008
Nice cheap harness

Cred: 8
Review by dkwan on Aug. 02, 2011
easily adjusted. very comfortable and reasonable price

Cred: 9
Review by erdropoff on Aug. 12, 2011
great all day harness fits well and is easy to adjust
I wish the gear loops were a tad bit wider

Cred: 62
Review by fb_14222531 on Jan. 18, 2008
simple, light, good mobility

Cred: 36
Review by fb_46710619 on Feb. 18, 2008
Pretty light
Not very comfortable to rest on

Cred: 29
Review by Ryan Moody on Apr. 10, 2008
great adjustability

Cred: 24
Review by dvsbenz on Apr. 10, 2008
Light weight harness

Cred: 9
Review by Keepaa on Aug. 09, 2008
Great for beginners and intermediate climbers

Cred: 13
Review by take it easy on Aug. 12, 2008
The only harness I have had!

Cred: 38
Review by fb_569202534 on Dec. 29, 2008
its a good first harness

Cred: 15
Review by skreepster on Apr. 28, 2009
Perfect for what I need.
None so far!

Cred: 12
Review by Neglect2k5 on Aug. 02, 2009
great harness, comfortable, durable

Cred: 52
Review by chadtchris on Mar. 18, 2011
reasonable price comfortable great gear loops

Cred: 49
Review by chico69 on Mar. 19, 2011
Comfy, durable
cant remove dirt
Black Diamond Chaos

Cred: 25
Review by Merdynn on Apr. 07, 2011
Durable and comfortable

Cred: 12
Review by fb_670099023 on Jan. 21, 2008
wonderful harness that has served me since 2005

Cred: 4
Review by fb_736870257 on May. 17, 2008
Wide range of size

Cred: 9
Review by fb_1081080029 on Feb. 26, 2008
Love it

Cred: 63
Review by thissilentdream on Apr. 24, 2008

Cred: 68
Review by BigRockFun on May. 14, 2008
It fits nice

Cred: 6
Review by booster III on Jun. 03, 2008
muy comodo!

Cred: 4
Review by Chalk Bag on Jun. 06, 2008

Cred: 0
Review by fb_617946349 on Jun. 23, 2008
its good

Cred: 5
Review by BMetz on Jun. 26, 2008
Good Harness

Cred: 21
Review by rumseyistheman on Dec. 09, 2008
good fit

Cred: 18
Review by climberboy123 on Mar. 23, 2009
pretty comfy

Cred: 9
Review by fb_42003550 on May. 12, 2008

Cred: 0
Review by fb_660634847 on Mar. 13, 2008

Cred: 0
Review by fb_1216650414 on Apr. 04, 2008
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