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Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw

Weight95 g

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Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw
4.4 out of 5 based on 36 user reviews.

Cred: 402
Review by jur001 on Oct. 28, 2007
This very cheap quickdraw so far proved to me to be of very high quality, also under 100g. The rope clips easily into it.
All round preformer, good for everyone.
Nylon sling, lower melting point.
Any other BD draw.

Cred: 555
Review by rmcgibbo on Aug. 03, 2008
Really solid draw. Super affordable. BD quality. Both wire gates to save weight. Easy to clip. Everything you want.

Also - I PREFER the nylon dogbones over spectra. Check this out to see why

Cred: 315
Review by scottdotnearing on Aug. 02, 2011
I bought three types of BD quick draws at one time for my 'starter' set and like these a lot. Pragmatically there is no difference in this beginners hand between these and the more expensive models. I have since bought a couple more of these and more of others types; i will buy more of these.
On the ground other models feel nicer, smoother and lighter.
None for an entry Level sport climber. The thicker dog bone is helpful to me.

Cred: 180
Review by littleraehartley on Sep. 19, 2011
I love these. They may be "cheap" but I love them. My climbing parnter has Petzl spirit expresses, but I love these (especially because they cost half the price) Easy to clip, not too heavy, durable, and shiny! (ooh- shiny!)

Cred: 345
Review by Benzesp on Mar. 15, 2012
Bomb proof big biner, wide dog bone, easy clipping. Price is low. Different color biner for rope and bolt ends.
They are bulky when racking a lot of them side by side due to the round profile.
At this price there is no alternative.. Way better than the cheap dirt bag draws.

Cred: 601
Review by [email protected] on Aug. 01, 2009
burly & bomber. These do the job & go the distance. The straps are nice & thick to beef up the draw. The biners are light & easy to clip. Great draws!

Cred: 266
Review by somasmith on Jul. 07, 2008
Best deal going for a complete wire-gate draw. Easy clips and very light.
Nylon Sling... Cheap fix if you want more durability.
Simond Spider. If you have doubts about wire-gates (Not that you should) The spider is just as easy to clip. Save some $$ and get the freewire. They are perfect if you are on a budget.

Cred: 2509
Review by livextreme41 on Jan. 09, 2009
rugged and inexpensive. Wiregates make this useful for every climbing discipline. From Sport to ice.
oz for lighter weight

Cred: 668
Review by pengshi on Jan. 06, 2010
For the price, this is a very light and nice quickdraw. It's also very easy to clip in, probably due to the wire gate.
Can't think of anything yet.

Cred: 27
Review by pdizzle on Mar. 26, 2012
cheap and they make me not die usually. image shown is about 1 week in rrg with some rope wear
some draws probably claim to have advantages but i would argue they are pretty minimal to most climbers. just clip your rope and move on.

Cred: 2643
Review by ndonaldj on Mar. 28, 2012
Good cheap draws. I bought 10 of them when I first started leading outdside. I haven't had any problems with them. I like wiregate for sure too.
I can't think of any.

Cred: 215
Review by scubasteve on Jul. 22, 2008
good draw. inexpensive and the wire gates and design make them light.
my first climb i bent a gate and one of the biners got all bent out of shape. but it could have been bad placement by my buddies.

Cred: 357
Review by eswanson on Jan. 29, 2011
Relatively light, very cheap, rubber dogbone to hold the rope-end biner, and wiregates. Enough said.
Gate action leaves something to be desired. Not the best for panic clipping.

Cred: 150
Review by pescador555 on Apr. 15, 2011
For the price you can really not beat this draw! The gates are very well made and the webbing is super thick so it can take some wear for years to come.
a little heavy but not to bad

Cred: 24
Review by dvsbenz on Apr. 10, 2008
light weight
wire gate gets caught on bolt sometimes while cleaning
something with a key lock and a wire/bent gate

Cred: 14
Review by devildog2067 on Jul. 28, 2008
Super light, easy clips, solid.
None, really. I don't see how you could possibly bend a gate on one by accident, I've taken some decent falls on these and not had any problems.

Cred: 26
Review by StevenBopp on Jul. 18, 2010
Very strong dogbone, 22kn also it has two quicksilver biners which i really like for the fact the fact that they fit very well in my hand, also color coded top and bottom help
On the heavier side

Cred: 3
Review by jacobboyd06 on Mar. 18, 2011
Great quickdraw for someone whos just starting to climb. Very inexpensive for a high quality draw. Yes they may be a little on the heavy side, but if your not able to get up a route because of a few extra grams of weight, the extra weight will help you get stronger. Bottom line, great quickdraws.
A little on the heavy side, but who cares?
Lighter BD draws

Cred: 420
Review by San Dog Scotty on Aug. 15, 2008
These are very light and very handy. Love'm

Cred: 1073
Review by scottydo on Sep. 02, 2008
Light and very useful. Love using them.
Wish they were a little longer.

Cred: 308
Review by ericswanson on Jan. 19, 2009
Light, no gate-flutter, cheap but effective
Not the best clipping draws in the world

Cred: 264
Review by myname on Apr. 20, 2012
Great quickdraw. Easy to clip, lightweight, cheaper than most draws.

Cred: 6
Review by akclimba on Nov. 01, 2008
draws dont move.....ever.
solid all around

Cred: 17
Review by lostparrot on Jun. 13, 2009
very light, easy gate action, great draws
wish they came in different lengths

Cred: 12
Review by moshjaines on May. 11, 2012
awesome draw, cheapish, lightish, great for a first rack
chunky maybe but not that bad

Cred: 23
Review by Slothman on May. 03, 2012
Good price, wire gate, not too heavy, seem durable.

Cred: 38
Review by fb_555560325 on Mar. 21, 2008
High quality, very tough
I personally don't prefer wiregates.

Cred: 17
Review by la sportiva on Aug. 28, 2008
nice light
rope biner slips in dogbone
Wild Country Wild Wire quickdraw

Cred: 1250
Review by stephen on Jul. 23, 2011
cheap and durable.
hook gets caught on hangers.

Cred: 12
Review by wrongfloor on Mar. 09, 2008
large gate opening

Cred: 26
Review by Kirill Zemlyanskiy on Jul. 19, 2008
cheap and light

Cred: 25
Review by Merdynn on Apr. 07, 2011
Low cost and trusted brand

Cred: 0
Review by turkeyhunter2322 on Oct. 02, 2012
light trust worthy nuff said

Cred: 11
Review by fb_603865369 on Jan. 18, 2008

Cred: 24
Review by Hirvimaki on Jul. 03, 2008
Good quickdraw

Cred: 38
Review by fb_569202534 on Dec. 29, 2008
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