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Toko Grip Glide Wax
$6.97 - 17.06 (-38%)
Swix Universal Klister
$15.96 - 17.95 (45%)
Swix V40 Extra
$9.95 - 13.99 (10%)
Toko Nordic Grip Wax
$12.36 - 15.99 (15%)
Swix V50 Violet
$9.95 - 12.99 (16%)
Wax Summary
If you are reading this page, and you actually wax your skis, then congratulations, you are among the 3-4% of skiers that care enough about their skis performance to actually do something about it.

Wax is a hydrocarbon material that is put on the bottom of a pair of skis to lubricate the interface between the ski and the snow.

The main reason to keep wax on p-tex (polyethylene) bases is to keep it porous to wax. Without it, it starts to oxidize and its amorphous (wax absorbing) regions crystallize. With a modern sintered base about half of the surface area can accept wax, so, by adding more wax, you keep it that way.

Wax gives you the ability to glide faster, turn easier all while protecting the base of your skis.

Even if you don't wish to travel very quickly, wax can still help you. First of all, a good wax makes it easier to turn, and thus control your speed. Second, by reducing the friction your skis have against the snow, it makes it much easier to pole around the lifts, or to get going anytime you come to a flat spot.
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Swix Liquid Kick Wax
$14.99 - 30.00 (-6%)
Swix V20
$9.95 - 11.95 (18%)
Swix V30
$6.87 - 9.95 (-18%)
Swix Vr40
$17.00 - 21.19 (3%)
Swix Vr50
$17.00 - 23.95 (25%)
Swix Vr55
$18.95 - 19.99 (16%)
Swix Vr60
$18.95 - 23.95 (16%)
Swix Vr30
$17.99 - 18.95 (8%)
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