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29er (17) Freestyle Dirt Jumper (7) Full Suspension (92) Hardtail (38)
Singlespeed (31) Tandem (1) Unicycles (1)
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Niner Air 9 Carbon Frame
Frames starting at: $1249.00 - 1614.00 (-22%)
Weight: 1361 g
Santa Cruz Nomad
Bike Frame: $2498.95
Complete Bike: $2849.99
Weight: 2767 g
Soma Smoothie Road Frame
Frames starting at: $390.99 - 499.99 (14%)
Niner Air9
Frames starting at: $599.95 - 849.00 (-3%)
Weight: 1547 g
Santa Cruz Tallboy
Bike Frame: $1636.21
Complete Bike: $2299.00
Weight: 2994 g
Santa Cruz Blur
Bike Frame: $1170.00
Complete Bike: $1519.96
Weight: 2438 g
Frame Summary
A bike frame is the main component of a bicycle, onto which wheels and other components are fitted. The modern and most common frame design for an upright bicycle is the diamond frame. The diamond frame is made of two triangles: a main triangle and a paired rear triangle.

The main triangle consists of the head tube, top tube, down tube and seat tube. The rear triangle consists of the seat tube, and paired chain stays and seat stays. The head tube contains the headset, which interfaces with the fork. The top tube connects the head tube to the seat tube at the top, and the down tube connects the head tube to the bottom bracket shell.

The rear triangle connects to the rear dropouts, where the rear wheel is attached. It consists of the seat tube and paired chain stays and seat stays. The chain stays run parallel to the chain, connecting the bottom bracket to the rear dropouts. The seat stays connect the top of the seat tube to the rear dropouts.
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Ibis Mojo
Used: $2499.95
Complete Bike: $2699.99
Bike Frame: $2699.99
Santa Cruz V-10
Bike Frame: $2974.15
Complete Bike: $6299.95
Fuji Nevada
Bike Frame: $159.99
Complete Bike: $229.00
Mongoose Mountain Bike
Bike Frame: $99.00
Complete Bike: $129.99
Niner Jet-9
Frames starting at: $799.99 - 1999.99 (-41%)
Weight: 2960 g
Santa Cruz Butcher
Bike Frame: $1349.95
Complete Bike: $2495.95
DMR 898 26'' frame gloss
Frames starting at: $515.99 (4%)
Santa Cruz Heckler
Bike Frame: $998.95
Complete Bike: $1899.00
Yeti 575 Frame
Bike Frame: $1699.99
Complete Bike: $3499.99
Soma Double Cross Frame
Frames starting at: $409.00 - 449.99 (101%)
Weight: 1905 g
GT Nomad
Frames starting at: $499.00 (58%)
Dimension Unicycle Cranks 6" Fits Uni's
Frames starting at: $10.66 (1%)
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