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Swix Base Cleaner Set
$22.50 - 24.99 (14%)
Swix Base Klister
$14.66 - 19.95 (11%)
Toko Wax Remover Hc3
$11.95 - 26.00 (-2%)
Swix Base Cleaner 70ml
$10.00 - 12.00 (-1%)
How To Wax Summary
This article's purpose is to both communicate the necessity of putting wax on your skis, and, of course, show you how. We've chosen several different methods of wax application here, that aren't especially gear intensive, and are easy to do. As the levels progress from easy to expert, the user is going to need more and more equipment, the potential for hurting your skis' base increases (due primarily to overheating it), but the performance benefits increase as well. It is important to mention that any wax is better then no wax, so no matter what method you pick, its going to be better then nothing.
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Swix Citrus Cleaner
$26.96 - 28.00 (8%)
Swix base prep 180g
$24.99 - 44.95 (7%)
Toko gelclean
$11.56 - 14.99 (-9%)
Toko base tex paper
$12.60 - 12.99 (9%)
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