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Wellgo 888 Pedals
$14.95 - 19.99 (10%)
Weight: 470 g
Wellgo LU-A52
$34.98 - 44.99 (24%)
Weight: 472 g
Wellgo WPD 95B Pedals
$42.20 - 53.60 (13%)
Wellgo 823 Clipless Pedals
$29.42 - 40.00 (30%)
Weight: 388 g
Degrees of Float: 4

Pedal Summary
Pedals are one of the most important interfaces between the rider and the bike, and they can make or break your riding experience in a hurry. A good pair of pedals creates a more efficient power transfer, better control over the bike and better balance.

For most XC and AM riding, a good pair of clipless pedals is a good choice. These will provide the rider with the ability to power their bike on both the upstroke and downstroke. There are two main types of clipless pedals: some have a platform for increased contact and a larger surface to transfer energy on, and others have a small interface that conserves weight.

Platform pedals are a favorite for FR and DH riders because it gives them the ability to bail from their bikes easier if they miss a jump or wipeout. Recreational riders and commuters often prefer platform pedals as well because they are the easiest to use and can be used with normal shoes.
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Wellgo Lu-895 Pedal
$6.86 - 10.99 (3%)
Weight: 305 g
Wellgo M111 Pedals
$26.55 - 35.99 (-3%)
Weight: 304 g
Wellgo MTB Pedals
$8.99 - 13.49 (17%)
Weight: 305 g
Wellgo Spd Pedals
$11.93 - 19.95 (-8%)
Wellgo Alloy Quill Pedal
$14.95 - 21.80 (-3%)
Weight: 467 g
Wellgo Mg-1 Mag Pedal
$59.50 - 69.62 (59%)
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