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Salomon Bbr 7.9
Flat: $249.00
System Ski: $488.95
Radius (m): 12
Waist (mm): 79
Salomon Shogun Skis
$379.95 - 539.95
Radius (m): 23.1
Waist (mm): 101
Salomon Twenty Twelve Skis
$375.00 - 475.95 (-2%)
Radius (m): 19.7
Waist (mm): 91
Salomon EL Dictator Ski
$549.98 (30%)
Radius (m): 43
Waist (mm): 114
Salomon Czar Skis
$249.93 - 390.95 (-34%)
Radius (m): 40
Waist (mm): 111
Salomon rockette 115 - women's
$449.95 - 479.95 (-2%)
Radius (m): 18
Waist (mm): 108
How to pick the right skis
Short of a good pair of ski boots, finding a good pair of skis that are right for you is the best thing you can do to make sure you enjoy a ski trip. While seemingly complicated, ski technology can be broken into layman's terms fairly easily, so you can understand what you're looking for and what makes a good ski.

The two most important things you need to consider are what kinds of speeds you want to go, and over what types of terrain. Obviously, you don't need a slalom race ski if you are leisurely going down greens all day.

The majority of skiers may never roam off piste, so a front side carver is all they'll ever need, whereas if you want to hit up some back bowls you'll need something a little wider.
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Salomon bbr 8.0 skis
Flat: $299.88
System Ski: $465.95
Radius (m): 11
Waist (mm): 79
Salomon rocker 2 115 skis
$449.88 - 542.95 (15%)
Radius (m): 16
Waist (mm): 113
Salomon rocker2 122 skis
Flat: $399.88
System Ski: $599.00
Salomon rocker 90 skis
$349.30 (5%)
Radius (m): 17
Waist (mm): 89
Salomon quest 98 skis
Flat: $349.99
System Ski: $399.93
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