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Ritchey WCS Streem
$69.98 - 119.95 (-7%)
Weight: 205 g
Ritchey Comp Streem
$35.96 - 39.98 (14%)
Ritchey WCS Marathon
$64.98 - 119.95 (-15%)
Weight: 223 g
Ritchey Biomax Saddles
$46.38 - 81.26 (17%)
Weight: 225 g
Ritchey Wcs Streem Carbon Saddles
$156.99 - 179.95 (14%)
Weight: 145 g
Ritchey Pro Streem
$49.98 - 62.99 (-3%)

Seat Summary
There are few things that affect you while you are on a bike as much as a saddle does. It's critical to know what kind of riding you want to do with it. Short sprints require something lightweight, while longer rides require something with a bit more padding.

Cutaways and materials are also very important. They both drastically affect how much the saddle weighs and how it feels. Cutaways give added circulation by decreasing pressure in the soft tissue areas between your legs and instead focuses the pressure in the rear.

There are competing theories as to what makes a saddle more comfortable than another one, but it does seem clear that there is a certain needed amount of break-in time for any new saddle. Whether it's your body that's being broken in or it is the saddle is sometimes unclear, but it's a necessary period nevertheless.
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Ritchey comp contrail
$32.00 - 39.95
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